Strategic Marketing and Mindset for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

Before considering a strategic marketing coaching program with Melissa, most clients can relate to one or more of the following statements:

    • "I love working with my clients, but I'm so busy in day to day operations, I'm not spending the time I want to with them."

    • "I can't seem to grow the business. I try to find more clients, but it just isn't happening."

    • "I'm making decent money, but haven't been able to grow the business the way I know I can."

    • "I'm spinning my wheels, stalling on getting proposals out the door, and not sure how to get past my resistance."

    • "I feel like I have enough clients; why aren't I making more money?"

Melissa's More Success Mentorship is your passport to proven marketing strategies, clearly focused business growth tactics, and personalized 1-on-1 implementation guidance for creative business owners, independent professionals and service based entrepreneurs.

The program is appropriate for solopreneurs launching a new professional services business and for seasoned veterans looking to revitalize their marketing efforts and significantly grow their revenues.

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Who is this designed for?
It's designed for service-based professionals and business owners including designers, coaches, consultants, professional speakers, experts - and YOU when you offer your professional advice or services for a fee.

Not sure if working with Melissa is right for you?

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