These Clients Love Melissa, You Will Too!

“Melissa Galt is a real asset to my development of marketing and social media strategies. She’s smart and her information is the latest in a world where the rules change daily and new networks come online frequently. Plus, her delivery makes it easy to understand and implement her action points. And she walks her talk. Others who want to get the word out and promote their businesses should get Melissa’s consulting and mentoring. It’s well worth the investment.”
– Paul Johnson, Niche Marketing Strategist & Branding Consultant

“You make business fun! Your coaching keeps me on track and moving forward.
– Rupal Turner, Master Feng Shui Consultant

“I learned so much from the things that you learned the hard way and I appreciate that I won’t have to make the same mistake because of your wisdom and knowledge.
– Joyce Joneschiet, Interior Designer

Melissa’s always focused and thinking two steps ahead. That’s what you need in a Marketing mentor and social media strategist to get on track and grow your business. She is generous with her time and quick to share her invaluable expertise.”
– Karen Smith D’Agostino, Franchise Marketing Executive, Decorating Den Interiors

“I have enjoyed our time “together” … you have really helped me to move from a place of being stuck in overwhelm and fragmented thoughts to making a plan and working on my business to lay the foundation for the new direction I want to take in my business. You are a great sounding board for my scattered thoughts, helping me to sort through and organize them. Your input and insight opened my mind to new ways of thinking …
– Kathleen Ellis, Lifestyle Designer

“The best word to describe Melissa Galt is catalyst. Never has such a word been more appropriate for someone as this word is for her. She has introduced me to tools, techniques and teachers, all of it given fully. She has earned my respect, garnered my absolute gratitude and won my heart with her graciousness, integrity and her dedication to excellence. She is a top professional in her field.
– Wesley Whittaker, Business Development Consultant, INNERmedia Coaching & Consulting Associates LLC

“The greatest benefit from our time together was being able to identify my target audience and how to focus my marketing and language to win them as clients. Thank you for your belief in me as a decorator and helping me reach my business goals!”
– S. Manlove, Stager/Designer,

“Well, I finally got everything up and going. I want to thank you for all of you wisdom and motivation. I couldn’t have made this change without you. You created a model for me that I will continue to use and allowed me to value myself, which was the most important thing I learned from your coaching sessions. I now feel like the professional I deserve to be.”
– Karen Davis

“Melissa is a fantastic mentor. Melissa’s skills are far better than the majority of leaders out there. She doesn’t generalize, she doesn’t use broad brush strokes; she takes your situation, brings it into the fold of life, helps you find that niche, solidify it, believe in it, and then help you find a way to make it happen. If there were more people like Melissa, we would be a much more successful society.”
– Jason Tetro, Scientist/Brand Builder