What You and Einstein Have in Common that Will Set You Apart

All of us have obstacles to overcome. Some are smaller than others, but each of us has them. Every morning I am reminded of these obstacles by a dear friend who is fighting esophageal cancer. His caringbridge posts are often the first thing I read. Despite his obstacles, he is remarkably upbeat and a beacon of positivity. In fact, I’m going to share with you here a reminder from one of his recent posts . . .

Staying Motivated, Melissa Galt, Motivational Speaker, Lessons from Einstein, Overcoming Obstacles to SuccessDID YOU KNOW that Beethoven, considered by many to be the most influential composer of all time, was actually told he had no musical talent and should give it up?  He was told this by none other than one of his teachers. And yet, he didn’t give up, in fact, it is likely that doubt fueled his own belief in himself and his talent to take him to stratospheric heights.

DID YOU KNOW that Albert Einstein was told that he was a lazy student with a less than average IQ? This is the same Albert Einstein we know today as the Father of Modern Physics and one of the most prolific intellectual minds in history.

DID YOU KNOW that Warren Buffet’s parents were cautioned by a tutor early on that their son should not pursue anything to do with investments as he was not qualified in that field?  Yes, this is the same Warren Buffet renowned for his investment strategies and who ranked in 2011 as the third wealthiest individual in the world.

Clearly Beethoven, Buffet, and Einstein each could have believed the obstacles that others threw in their path. They could have given up or given in. Yet, none of them did. They kept going on the path they believed in. You are, no doubt, experiencing similar obstacles.  The buzz and opinions dished out by others can destroy your value and stand in your way or you can harness that to empower yourself.  Take it on as a dare if you will. (I’m a sucker for a dare and have often achieved goals I hadn’t previously imagined when someone doubted by ability out loud.)

The lesson here is that your belief in yourself is a far greater predictor of your success than anyone else’s belief or opinion. In fact there is a wonderful expression from and book by Terry Cole Whittaker “What you think of me is none of my business.”  And this is absolutely true. You are not the sum total of other people’s opinions of you. Instead your achievement, your place in life, your success in business is based on YOUR opinion of yourself.

Never allow another person’s opinion to slow you down, let alone stop you. I’ve been there, most of us have, and done that. All I lost was time, focus, and yes a measure of success. The times that I didn’t listen and instead leapt forward powered by  my own belief,  I achieved my dreams, and you will too. This is far less about passion than it is about focus, commitment, and persistence. Without those three elements you will wind up wandering about your life, chasing bright shiny opportunities, and doubting yourself and your abilities every time someone expresses their opinion and it doesn’t align with your belief in yourself.

What you become is up to you. How much you accomplish is entirely at your discretion. No one can stop you with mere words when your belief in yourself is unstoppable and far more than words.Take a page from the playbook of the greats, truly create your commonality with Einstein, Buffet, and Beethoven and prove the naysayers wrong.

What will you prove to yourself today? Tell me in the comments here!

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  1. Dave Anderson says

    My boss just recently told me I would be where I am now until the day I died. I am 60 years old.
    I responded to him that not if I could help it by starting my own business.
    His response was “I’ll believe it when I see it”
    This is just more fuel to the fire to get me started!

  2. Melissa Galt says


    What is it you’d like to do? Happy to provide a bit of guidance if helpful. The world is your oyster . . .

    Hugs, Melissa

    • Dave Anderson says

      Hey Melissa,

      Wow, you really do read comments huh?
      I want to work from home. I drive over a hundred miles every day to a job I hate. I have spent hundreds if not thousands on “do it this way” or “get rich my way”. And I have all the good stuff..Camtasia,Optimize Press, Market Samurai, and I even invested in animation software.
      I did do one thing profitable. I promoted Chris Farrell’s Chris Mentor Me and even got a honorable mention on one of his videos.
      I would really like to help other people to not do what I have done. And I enjoy making litle cartoons.
      Keep an eye out for me, because after my boss’s remarks, I am determined to prove him wrong!

      • Melissa Galt says

        YES, I do read comments and if I miss them I feel terrible!

        Okay, based on what you shared, I’m going to suggest you invest $77 in the recordings of the event I’m at. I don’t want to sell you at all. I hope you know me better. This has been 3 incredible days, NO pitching, just pure actionable content for beginners all the way to advanced. It is the best event I’ve ever attended and recordings are available until tomorrow for the discount.

        Here is my affiliate link, if you prefer go find Niche Affiliate Marketing systems directly. You will benefit from this and meet a community of like minded peeps.


        Take the bull by the horns and move it forward!

        Hugs, Melissa

  3. says

    What a fantastic reminder about our own power to be and do whatever we want.
    I like the book title,” what you think of me is none of my business” !! So true, but often our ,life experiences are based exactly on that, and who we think we are and decisions we make are based on someone telling you are not good at Math, or business, or music… Believing in yourself means overcoming all of the background “voices”.
    Changing direction in life or career brings up a lot of these”voices”.
    What is something you do to work through this , as you mention, it happens to most of us.

    • Melissa Galt says


      I like to keep index cards of my big dreams with me at all times. I also have daily habits that reinforce my value and help me overcome those pesky whiners, complainers, naysayers . . .

      Hugs, Melissa

  4. says

    Hi Melissa. Great post! Its always amazed me at all the advice about parenting when they have no children. Owning my own small biz I’ve heard it all. “You know what you should do…” “All you need to do is…” All well meaning of course as Austin is a mecca for entrepreneurl support. But the one that ticked me off and lit the fire under me most was when I sought advice from a professional at McCombs School of Business. Every time I said the words “my business” she’d cut me off and say rudely “You don’t have a business, you have an expensive hobby!” I’m taking my business national in January to Atlanta International Gift&Home Furnishings Market and can’t wait to prove her wrong!!!!

  5. says

    Awesome post Melissa. Breaking down the walls of doubt and stepping into what is right for you often seems so difficult. But once you take that first step, it’s just a matter of continuing forward despite what anyone says.

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