Your Brand Transformed

Do you remember when you started in business and you were so excited? You achieved some early successes, but now it feels more like you are mired in quicksand and not sure how to go forward.  
In the Go Beyond Curb Appeal Intensive, you’ll be able to step back onto solid ground, sure of your next right steps and with a clear BIG VISION.
Have you gotten to the place in your business where the higher you rise and the more you accomplish, the less secure you feel?
In the Go Beyond Curb Appeal Intensive, you’ll rediscover your confidence and sense of self that makes you unstoppable. You’ll learn to claim your accomplishments, celebrate every win, and look forward to new victories.
Are you worn out by energy vampire clients, spinning your wheels and losing valuable time and money with indecisive and uncommitted clients who aren’t best fits?
In the Go Beyond Curb Appeal Intensive, you’ll create your custom ideal client qualifier, so you are filtering for the finest and leaving the rest behind.  After all better clients mean more money, and less stress.
Do you have a need to be helpful that crosses all healthy boundaries in your business and has you saying “yes” to everyone who shows up?
In the Go Beyond Curb Appeal Intensive, you’ll establish healthy (and happy) business boundaries and learn, once and for all, how to enforce them comfortably and easily.  Being selective in your “yes” puts you squarely in charge of a business you love that loves you back.
Are you ready to make more money but unclear on how to package your services and talent to create that opportunity?
In the Go Beyond Curb Appeal Intensive, we are going to define your right revenue model and you’ll understand how to design juicy packages to get more ideal clients in the door of your business, and stop leaving money and opportunity on the table.

Don’t Take My Word For It

"Well, I finally got everything up and going. I want to thank you for all of you wisdom and motivation. I couldn’t have made this change without you. You created a model for me that I will continue to use and allowed me to value myself, which was the most important thing I learned. I now feel like the professional I deserve to be.”

Karen Davis

President and Founder of Maker Girl Home

Working with Melissa is the best thing I ever did for not only my business, but ultimately my personal life as well. Because of the strategies that Melissa taught me and coached me through, I was able to leave a less-than-fulfilling supplementary day job and focus all of my attention on my business and dream job. And my business income has multiplied by over 10 - 20 x what it had been as well!

Liz Michael

Founder and CEO, Moder8 Now

Melissa is a results driven consultant and coach whose insight and wisdom has helped my company tremendously. I would highly recommend her skills to any professional that has the goal is to obtain and service high value clients and business partners. She helps me think 'outside the box' and explore and implement more effective ways to grow the business

Chip Roth

Director of Business Development, Niles International

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I look forward to personally guiding you on your journey to taking your brand beyond where you are to attracting better clients, making more money, and loving it a lot more!


Can't wait to see you in Highlands, NC September 16-18 to take your business to the top.

Hugs and Big Appreciation!