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Lifestyle Selling by Melissa GaltLifestyle Selling! Making More With Less, The Manual

The how-to guide to limitless sales growth in the interior design, staging and retail home furnishings industries — just released! Melissa Galt, America’s Lifestyle Diva, shares her insights, experiences, and best practices for growing business with an exclusive number of clients. Truly climbing inside client's lives and knowing their lifestyle means a depth of service and success unparalleled. It also means knowing the value in working smarter, never harder. Regain your life, and watch your business bloom with Melissa’s proven techniques in “Lifestyle Selling.”

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Celebrate Your Life! Second EditionSocial Networking Success Manual: Find Profit and Perfect Prospects with Tools and Shortcuts on Social Networks

Shortcuts, tips, tools, techniques and the latest social networking strategies are detailed in easy to follow bite-size nuggets in my Social Networking Success Manual.  You’ll even get a complete comprehensive overview of the WHAT and WHY of social media and a clear understanding of how it can benefit your business. This manual is updated regularly due to changes in the marketplace and new tools being introduced.  It is included in every Social Media and Social Networking Training.

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Social Media Success Manual

Celebrate Your Life! Second EditionCelebrate Your Life! The Art of Celebrating Every Day (hardcover)

Melissa Galt knows well what it takes to celebrate life and gives you 101 easy, simple and fun ways you too can make every day a special occasion in Celebrate Your Life

Melissa’s mantra is “limits are for those without imagination.” She lives each day with a unique passion and devotion.  Fond of saying “life is in the living, not in the waiting,” she knows well how very precious and unpredictable this journey can be.  Her Mother, the late Academy Award winning actress Anne Baxter,  passed suddenly when Melissa was in her early twenties.  The lesson, time is our greatest non-renewable resource, was learned in the years that followed, and left an unforgettable mark on Melissa’s future.

This book presents bite-sized pieces, entertaining anecdotes, and how-to wisdom for turning your every day into a celebration.

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Memory Cards - Celebrate Your Life!memory cards for celebrate your life!

This invaluable card deck is a short cut version of Celebrate Your Life! in memory card format. Think of this as a great add on to accompany the book, or an audience teaser with a Stress Management or Creative Living keynote or workshop. Comes with plastic sleeve for easy use and fun reminders of the best ideas in Celebrate Your Life! The Art of Celebrating Every Day.

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Live Every Day Motivated, Successful and HappyLive Every Day Motivated, Successful, and Happy

This book delivers proven ideas, secrets, and strategies that have helped millions enjoy more confidence, deeper relationships, and soaring accomplishment levels. When you finish reading it, you will agree there is no need to ever accept less than the best for yourself. Melissa Galt is a contributing author in this book!

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101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life Today!: Volume 3

101 Great Ways to Improve your Life Today!This book is a compilation of 101 articles with practical, solid advice on how you can finally take action and improve your life.

Melissa is extremely excited to be a contributing author along with Ken Blanchard, Les Brown, Mark Victor Hansen, Byron Katie and many other leading Self Improvement experts.

This book is the third volume in the "101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life" Series. Volumes 1& 2 include more great secrets from Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Jack Canfield, Dr. Richard Carlson and many other leading experts.

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Melissa’s coaching inspired me to change my career to what I am passionate about.
- J. Silva - Coaching Client

Melissa Galt
make business fun!
You make business fun! Your coaching keeps me on track and moving forward.
- R. Turner - Coaching Client