When it comes to interior designer goals it’s not like any other profession. We are creatives and as such we tend to lose focus quickly, chase more bright shiny opportunities than other professionals, and unwittingly set ourselves up for disappointment because we take on too much. Sound familiar? To get your year off on the […]

Interior Designer Goals: 5 Mistakes You’re Making

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When you bring a decorator showhouse room to life, it’s a collaborative effort between you, your suppliers, your workrooms, artists, and your installers. You can invest a fortune or you can do it the smart way and negotiate for all goods with suppliers whether you’ve worked with them in the past and have a relationship […]

How to Bring a Decorator Showhouse Room to Life

Bring a Decorator showhouse to life

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Setting and calculating interior design fees today is quite possibly the most challenging part of growing your interior design practice. You want to be fair to clients and transparent, at the same time you want to make a good living and have a profitable business that you love. The two aren’t mutually exclusive. In fact, […]

6 Ways to Calculate Interior Design Fees with Transparency

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Whether you meet a potential interior design client online or offline, you want to schedule a discovery call. This is a structured conversation¬† that allows you to find out if they are truly a good fit and if their project is one that you want to take on. (You always have a choice!) The discovery […]

Interior Design Discovery Call that Wins Clients

How to Have a Successful Interior Design Discovery Call.

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When I met Justin a few years ago, he was selling supplemental insurance to the education industry (AFLAC for teachers, only he wasn’t with AFLAC.) We had a fascinating conversation around his passion of travel. At just 25 years of age, he’d already been to 75 countries (not a typo.) I urged him in my […]

Interior Designer Coaching: Making Your Passion Profitable

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Let’s be honest, every time you think of the best client gifts, you are also thinking about what will make you memorable, irresistible, and referable. I’m just stating what you’re thinking! And there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, it makes great business sense to invest in the best client gifts that will absolutely deliver […]

The Best Client Gifts to Grow Your Business

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Do you always send holiday cards to clients? Stop it. You aren’t standing out from the crowd, in fact, you are just another bit of noise at a very busy time of year for everyone. In addition, if your card isn’t written personally and addressed by hand, all it says is “I sent one of […]

Don’t Send Holiday Cards to Clients…Here’s WHY

As an interior designer you may be reluctant to raise your rate because you fear you’ll lose current clients, and will fail to attract new clients. In reality when you do it right, a rate increase reinforces your value and attracts a higher quality of client. Regardless of how you charge, you can raise your […]

How to Raise Your Rate and Keep Your Clients

Raise Your Rate

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You deserve to make more money in interior design today. You have the talent, education and experience but you’ve noticed that despite working long hours, you aren’t earning the return you expected.¬† The reality is that you may not need to add clients or projects to increase your income. Instead you simply need to more […]

15 Ways to Stop Losing Money in Your Interior Design Practice

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