How you connect to clients is more important than ever before. It’s not enough to send a well intentioned, carefully crafted statement of your interior design practice’s COVID19 response. Everyone is doing that. This crisis requires a lot more if you want to keep your current clients, nurture past clients as a source of repeat […]

Connect to Clients: 7 Keys for Designers During COVID19

Connect to clients when they've got kids underfoot during COVID19.

Have you been watching non-stop news about COVID19? Are you spending your time hunkered down at home, distracting yourself with anything but work? Your interior design business needs you now more than ever. Binge on your business, not on netflix! Perhaps you’ve had clients put the brakes on projects in progress, delay the start of […]

7 Simple Steps to Safeguard Your Interior Design Business

Safeguard your interior design business

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As an interior designer, your business is going to be impacted by coronavirus whether you realize it or not. It may be a significant impact or just a blip, it’s unpredictable. In many ways it’s not unlike the many other disruptions you’ve weathered, from recessions to hurricanes, new regulations to vendor challenges. You came through […]

Keep Coronavirus Out of Your Business: 5 Ways

Coronavirus Infection in Interior Designer

Do you struggle getting organized? If you do, you’re not alone. I’ve worked with many clients who struggled staying organized. I’ll never forget visiting a client for the second time, years ago. It had been six months since our first visit and at the time I’d reviewed all of her samples and provided guidance and […]

Getting Organized: Are You a Sample Hoarder?

Tips On Getting Organized: Stop Hoarding Your Samples!

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Are passive income streams something you have considered during your interior design career? Well, if you have, stop considering, and start doing! While you may have a full slate of projects and clients in real time, you also have the opportunity to add passive revenue streams to your design practice.  In fact, it may be […]

5 Passive Income Streams for Interior Design Pros

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Interior design referrals are the lifeblood of your interior design business.   While they will happen organically, you can do a lot to ensure they happen on a regular, predictable basis. But I do have a cautionary tale about how NOT to lose interior design referrals… Growing Your Interior Design Business With Referrals: What Not to […]

Interior Design Referrals: How to Grow Your Business

Interior Design Referrals

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Are you aware of how digital technology can give you multiple passive income streams? In today’s interior design world, savvy interior designers have extra revenue streams because one-on-one interior design is time intensive.  If you’re looking for red hot interior design revenue streams that can bring dollars in the door, you’ve reached the right place. […]

5 Red Hot Revenue Streams for Interior Design Pros

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It’s almost time for goal setting for the new year! The final quarter of the year has launched. What were the goals you set back in January? Are you on track? Did you back your goals up with quarterly plans, monthly action, weekly achievements, and daily tasks? It’s easy to dream big once a year […]

Goal Setting for Interior Designers in 7 Steps

One of the key steps in goal setting for interior designers is to write it down to make it happen!

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The fastest path to growing your business and your revenue is to build better client relationships.  Business is all about relationships, and particularly the business of design.  As design professionals we often have unprecedented access to our clients’ private lives and idiosyncrasies (whether we want to or not!) The stronger the relationship you craft, the […]

5 Simple Steps to Build Better Client Relationships

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