It’s almost time for goal setting for the new year! The final quarter of the year has launched. What were the goals you set back in January? Are you on track? Did you back your goals up with quarterly plans, monthly action, weekly achievements, and daily tasks? It’s easy to dream big once a year […]

Goal Setting for Interior Designers in 7 Steps

One of the key steps in goal setting for interior designers is to write it down to make it happen!

Interior Design CEO is more than just a title you adopt in your design practice or words you print on your business card, it’s a mindset and way of being. There are 3 core differences between being an interior design business owner and an interior design CEO. #1 Busy vs. Productive The interior design business […]

Are You an Interior Design CEO or Stuck Wearing the Business Owner Hat?

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In reading a lot of the conversations in online forums for designers, I’ve noticed something worrisome. It seems that many designers, new to the field in the last 2-10 years, are not stepping into being a true interior design professional. Instead they are abdicating the responsibilities that requires and acting more like hobbyists. Truthfully, you […]

How to be a True Interior Design Professional

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Whether your design practice is you as a solopreneur or you have a team, you’ll always want to know where to find a quality contractor.  You may be looking for a reliable painter, a reputable plumber, a licensed electrician, or a quality cabinet company, throwing darts at Google isn’t the answer. Professional Accredited Industry Associations […]

Interior Designer Resources: Where to Find a Quality Contractor

Where to Find a Quality Contractor

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Self sabotage is an ugly monster that all of us wrestle with from HGTV famous Joanna Gaines to seasoned superstar Candace Olson, the designer just launching and one who’s been in business for decades. Self sabotage doesn’t play favorites. The list of self sabotage here is going to make you feel both very bad and […]

33 Wretched Ways Self Sabotage is Wrecking Your Design Success

Conquer self sabotage for success.

When I spoke with Andrea and Jonathan, they said they’d launched their design practice almost 8 months ago. They were struggling to meet clients and getting frustrated. I took a look at their marketing and saw only time online on Instagram. I asked Jonathan about it and he said that they spent a lot of […]

3 Ways You’re Hiding in Your Business

Hiding in Your Business

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Your business growth is intrinsically tied to the words you use, dictated by the thoughts you think. When you use powerful words that indicate wealth, possibility, and abundance, that is going to follow. When instead, you get stuck in a pattern of using weak words, lack and limitation are likely to follow.  Power marketing words […]

Power Marketing Words: How to Erase the Limitations of a Budget

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You can do what everyone else in business does or you can stand head and shoulders above the competition and make a real impact and remarkable difference. The “10 Wickedly Simple Ways to Woo Your Clients” described here will help you stand out when you implement them on a consistent and persistent basis with your […]

10 Wickedly Simple Ways to Woo Your Clients

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Find your joy is an unusual topic for me here, usually I’m touting the best strategies, proven tactics, helpful tools to grow your design practice. Have I lost my mind? Am I indulging in a temporary zen moment? No, this is for real. In fact, moving forward, I’m going to be infusing my posts with […]

Find Your Joy and You Won’t Need Strategy

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