When you bring a decorator showhouse room to life, it’s a collaborative effort between you, your suppliers, your workrooms, artists, and your installers. You can invest a fortune or you can do it the smart way and negotiate for all goods with suppliers whether you’ve worked with them in the past and have a relationship […]

How to Bring a Decorator Showhouse Room to Life

Bring a Decorator showhouse to life

Since we reviewed WHY you’d want to participate in a decorator showhouse in a recent blog post, I want to share HOW to make that happen in this post.  It takes both digital smarts as well as strategic real time connection and readiness to be selected for a showhouse. (And in case it’s bugging you […]

How to Participate in a Decorator Showhouse

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Designer Showhouse

When you participate in a designer showhouse, while it may seem glamorous, that isn’t why you do it. In fact, it’s actually a boatload of work, expense, time, and then there is the reward. Having done 5 showhomes in the last 20 years, there is that familiar feeling of “no way, not going to do […]

Why Participate in a Designer Showhouse?

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Designer Showhouse