Sometimes called the “Invisible Rich” those who qualify as the millionaire next door can be good design clients. Few have inherited their wealth, instead they’ve worked hard to earn it and they are selective in how they invest it, including in design. Two thirds of these self made millionaires are self-employed. They chose the right […]

The Millionaire Next Door: Your Next Luxury Client

The millionaire next door is closer than you think.

Are you a control nut like me?  Do you ever have a vision for a client’s home, one that fits them to perfection, and you know that the only way it can happen is if you are in charge of every single detail.  I hear you!  Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it sounds.  A […]

What to Do When an Interior Design Client Tries to Take Control

When an Interior Design Client Takes Over

Marketing Strategies

Do you know what it takes to be a successful interior designer? Being a successful interior designer requires you to maximize your revenues from every project.  But how does someone do this? The most effective way to maximize your revenues is to deliver more of what your clients want in less time.  Because time is […]

How to Be a Successful Interior Designer

Successful Interior Designer

Interior design referrals are the lifeblood of your interior design business.   While they will happen organically, you can do a lot to ensure they happen on a regular, predictable basis. But I do have a cautionary tale about how NOT to lose interior design referrals… Growing Your Interior Design Business With Referrals: What Not to […]

Interior Design Referrals: How to Grow Your Business

Interior Design Referrals

Marketing Strategies

The fastest path to growing your business and your revenue is to build better client relationships.  Business is all about relationships, and particularly the business of design.  As design professionals we often have unprecedented access to our clients’ private lives and idiosyncrasies (whether we want to or not!) The stronger the relationship you craft, the […]

5 Simple Steps to Build Better Client Relationships

Whether your design practice is you as a solopreneur or you have a team, you’ll always want to know where to find a quality contractor.  You may be looking for a reliable painter, a reputable plumber, a licensed electrician, or a quality cabinet company, throwing darts at Google isn’t the answer. Professional Accredited Industry Associations […]

Interior Designer Resources: Where to Find a Quality Contractor

Where to Find a Quality Contractor

Marketing Strategies

Interior design marketing can swallow you whole and leave you with less time for clients and creative design work than it takes to market. UGH! Stop trying to do it all and get super selective. Yes, I know you’ve likely been told on a webinar, read in a blog post, seen in a video, or […]

Interior Design Marketing: Instead of Doing Everything, Do This

Social Media Overwhelm, Interior Design Marketing, Social Media for Interior Designers

Whether you are an independent interior designer, or you head a small firm, you want to increase your design revenues. Often you make it much more complicated than it needs to be. Money loves simplicity and money loves speed. Apply one or more of the strategies here to rock your interior design revenues and boost […]

5 Fast Strategies to Increase Your Design Revenues

Increase Design Revenues, More interior design income

Marketing Strategies

When I spoke with Andrea and Jonathan, they said they’d launched their design practice almost 8 months ago. They were struggling to meet clients and getting frustrated. I took a look at their marketing and saw only time online on Instagram. I asked Jonathan about it and he said that they spent a lot of […]

3 Ways You’re Hiding in Your Business

Hiding in Your Business

Marketing Strategies