I’m betting you are familiar with the idea that your business is like a big pie (pizza or apple, take your pick). And, that there is plenty of pie to go around for everyone, so it is best to focus on your business rather than give your attention to your competition and feel threatened by […]

Mindset Mastery: How to Switch from Lack to Limitless

The alarm went off. I got a wake up call at a recent business networking event that I hadn’t attended in several months. In speaking with a colleague, when I asked how business was I got the reply “terrible.” In fact, she went on to explain, that she felt certain that 80% of her colleagues […]

Mindset Lessons: Are You Charmed or Cursed?

Prosperity Mindset

Are you afflicted with Bright Shiny Opportunity Syndrome? It’s okay, you can ‘fess up, I have it too. I’ve simply learned how to tame it so I can stop the distractions, get focused, and achieve extraordinary results. You can too, I promise, stop arguing with me and read how here! The Cure for BSOS: Step […]

Hot Marketing Tip: 5 Steps to Go from Now to WOW!

When I first started out in business for myself back in 1994, I had a habit of sending a thank you note for every call I went on. It didn’t matter if it was my first time meeting a client or my fifteenth time, I sent a follow up thank you within 48 hours. My […]

Hot Marketing Tips: It’s Never Too Late for Thank You

Prosperity Mindset

Have you ever met someone at a networking event and when you asked for their business card they began apologizing? They made some excuse like they were waiting for their logo or they were new in business and didn’t yet have their business name confirmed? These are irrelevant factors to success. When I hear the […]

Are you apologizing for your business?

There are just three kinds of business owners in today’s marketplace.  Which one you decide to be determines your level of success and the speed at which you get there. You can make success long and difficult or shorter and simpler, the choice is yours. And, you even have the choice not to succeed at […]

3 Kinds of Business Owners: Which One Are You? (Only 2 Succeed)

Prosperity Mindset

What “Strategy Session” Really Means  . . . Have you been bothered, like I have, by all the games that are played both online and offline to trap you as it were into someone’s system or program? I say “trap you” because when you want to be there of your own free will you will […]

Ditch the Double Speak & Talk Transparency for Real Results

On a Wing and a Prayer . . . When I began my first business venture back in 1994, it was on a wing and a prayer in many ways. I had a planned start up but six months prior to that, I went head to head with my boss over, of all things, vacation. […]

A Winner’s Mindset: How to Profit with Passion While Doing What You Love

Prosperity Mindset

Yesterday as I was driving up to the mountains, I stopped for gas at my favorite Race Trac. I say my favorite because they have the cheapest gas prices of any station in two states for a couple of hundred miles and even if I do have to use Visa or Master and forgo my […]

Prosperity Mindset: 3 Surefire Ways to be Happy Every Day!

Prosperity Mindset