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In this age of technology and bottom line results, everyone is squeezed more every day to produce more, do more, and achieve more; stress is the result.  Managing day to day stress factors is vital in creating a healthy and successful work environment.  Celebrate Your Career, Celebrate Your Life identifies the major stress creators and shows participants simple, effective, and immediate ways to relieve the stress, reduce it overall and learn techniques for managing stress on a daily basis.

Who Should Attend
- Employees at all levels
- Supervisors and Managers
- Executives and Entrepreneurs

Celebrate Your Career and Celebrate Your Life will impact your human resources at every level of the company increasing productivity, improving relationships and communication, and providing greater satisfaction overall.

Stress Management Factors:

  • Coping with difficult people
  • Finding the balance between work and home
  • Staying up in a down world
  • Surrounding yourself with supporters and strategists
  • Avoiding the naysayers and doomsday predictors
  • Taking time for health and well being
  • Instant relaxation techniques you can do anywhere
  • Sure fire ways to go from stressed out to blissed in
  • Essentials to prioritize
  • The art of handling it once
  • Putting the best filters in place
  • Delegating for peace of mind
  • Focusing on what you do best and letting others do the rest
  • Finding the celebration in every day

The antidote to stress is celebration — learning how to take care of and honor individual needs while still taking care of those around you is paramount.  Stress can often lock us into a stall and start a downward spiral of negative actions and energy.  In Celebrate Your Career and Celebrate Your Life the stress management techniques Melissa shares are a fresh approach to an age old challenge and offer quick, easy ways to get back on track.  

Stop the Stress! Learn to Celebrate Your Career and Celebrate Your Life.

Participants Will Learn How To:

  • Create more harmony at the office and at home
  • Design their office environment for productivity and ease
  • Build rewarding relationships in the workplace
  • Recognize their contributions and legacy
  • Enlist the help of peers and associates when needed
  • Celebrate time with loved ones more often
  • Unleash their creative side and find their individual joy 
  • Make any occasion special with fun and ease

Celebrate your Life by Melissa Galtpair this workshop with the book Celebrate your life!

Melissa Galt's book Celebrate Your Life! is available to participants for individual purchase, or your organization may order in bulk.

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