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Most often when people are workaholics they are actually running away from their home life. They are often not nearly as productive as they could be in the workplace, but instead spend countless hours being busy. People who lead balanced lives are typically more productive, more successful, and better employees, managers and executives. Melissa Galt - Change your interiors, change your life

Change Your Interiors, Change Your Life offers an innovative approach to how making even small changes in one’s surroundings, both in the office and at home, can make big differences in career success and satisfaction, improve relationships in the workplace and at home, increase health and well being, create time for the balance of outside pursuits and hobbies, and generate overall increased bottom line results with human resources that enjoy a greater work and life balance.

balance Factors:

  • How clutter wastes time
  • Why chaos breeds negative energy
  • How to keep a good attitude despite challenging circumstances
  • The essentials of self care when it comes to health and peace of mind
  • Relaxation and centering techniques
  • Why scale and proportion mean balance and comfort
  • How physical well being translates to career success and focus
  • Taking charge of your emotions and your outcomes
  • Making money out of too much stuff
  • The joy in having it all

Eastern philosophy calls it Feng Shui, in our Western living it’s good design that brings the best results. Change Your Interiors, Change Your Life brings a wealth of creative ideas and design secrets to enhance home and office interiors, improving comfort and supercharging productivity.  When the interior works, those working there enjoy greater success in business and enhanced interpersonal communication skills. In the home environment, those living there appreciate the benefit of better health, more rewarding relationships, time mastery for pursuit of hobbies and favorite past times, greater financial security, and overall increase in life satisfaction and joy.  

Who Should Attend
- Employees at all levels
- Supervisors and Managers
- Executives and Entrepreneurs

Change Your Interiors, Change Your Life will impact your human resources at every level of the company increasing productivity, improving relationships and communication, and providing greater satisfaction overall

Participants Will Learn how to:

  • Get rid of chaos and clutter; streamline their environment
  • Add balance with the materials of productivity and success
  • Take advantage of scale and proportion; balance gives peace
  • Learn the essentials of ergonomics; comfort means focus
  • Create harmony within and without for ultimate results
  • Write confirmations for clarity and progress
  • Measure progress, record results, stay in balance

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Melissa's optimism is inspiring and encouraging... your presentation reflects how my faith supports my life and dreams.
- Mary Frye, President, Home Furnishings Independents Association