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Say goodbye to a “default” life controlled by routines that bore you and relationships that drain you. In this energizing program, Design Your Signature Success: 4 Essential Steps to Living Your Dreams Melissa maps out a simple 4-Step process for designing — and building — an all-new life where you really can have it ALL: a beautiful home, a robust career, great personal style, wonderful relationships, creative passions, and time to enjoy it.

creative living Factors:Skydiving

  • Left Brain/Right Brain Thinking
  • The value in creative solutions
  • The creative competitive edge
  • Tools and games to spur creative thinking
  • Getting past creative blocks
  • Giving yourself permission to be creative, be unlimited
  • The color of life
  • The shape of life
  • Creativity is our unique signature
  • Biochemistry and creative timing

A successful, fulfilling, enriching life is all about the unique journey each one of us is on so it is vital to tap into your creative source to discover the journey designed for you. Stop racing for the next deadline, get out of striving and never arriving. Melissa will show you how to stop waiting and start living life by your own design. Design Your Signature Success: 4 Essential Steps to Living Your Dreams will re-ignite your passion for life and illustrate how you can simply and effectively create the life you most desire.

Who Should Attend
- Design Professionals who want more out of life
- Sales Professionals who are stalled and needs a jumpstart to success
- Real Estate Professionals who deliver the dream to everyone but themselves
- Everyone who is willing to live by design instead of by default

Design Your Signature Success: 4 Essential Steps to Living Your Dreams is a program designed for doers. Wishers, hopers, and dreamers won’t ever lead the life they desire as they won’t take the action to get there. If you are ready to take action consistently and really, this will put you on the path with passion and purpose to a life of your own design.

Participants Will Learn how to:

Step 1: Architect a limitlessly rewarding life

  • Craft their vision board
  • Develop their treasure map
  • Write their life story
  • Fill their attraction box

Step 2: Design their desired experiences

  • Improve and create rewarding relationships
  • Re-ignite their career passion
  • Advance their health and wellbeing
  • Makeover their image and style
  • Design and live in their dream home
  • Realize greater financial prosperity and security

Step 3: Build their strategies for action support systems for success

  • Draft their blueprint for success
  • Create an action plan for their career and life
  • Unlock their potential
  • Establish their support network for their way to the top

Step 4: Decorate their lives with results

  • Get an attitude of gratitude
  • Learn to rejoice in the success of others
  • Realize how to feel into their future 

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live every day to the fullest
Enjoyed your presentation - it made me re-think about living every day to the fullest.
- Edith Hall, Customer Service Mgr, Stanley Furniture Co.