If it’s time for you to build an upscale and boutique brand that attracts a higher level of client (while you work less) then you are in the right place.

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And learn how I help game changers, like you, breakthrough your limiting beliefs and stuck patterns to a whole new way of doing business that will deliver you an eXtraordinary life.


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Melissa Galt is your guide to building the boutique business of your dreams, allowing you to work with only the best clients, charge higher prices and enjoy greater success while having time for a life you truly love.

If you’re like most coaches and consultants you probably don’t have a filter (or as Melissa calls it “a golden door qualifier”) for who you work with and will say “Yes” to any project or client that comes your way - because after all it would be silly to say no to money right?

Melissa helps you take back control of your business by creating an upscale brand so that you can enjoy working with exclusive clientele, generating extreme income, and designing your extraordinary life.

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