We often look for ways to complete important tasks for our business by ourselves to save money. We think that this will maximize our profits because we aren’t spending to outsource the job. But really what we are doing when we take on too much ourselves is cheapening our business and, in turn, actually killing […]

How Being Cheap in Your Business is Killing Your Profits

When Being Cheap Will Cost You More, How Being Cheap in Business Costs You More

As a creative, you might describe your workload as a rollercoaster: a ride of highs and lows, of profits and dry spells, an unpredictable grind. But while a rollercoaster ride is exciting at an amusement park, it is much less enjoyable when it comes to your business model. The last thing I want is for […]

How To Fill Your Profit Pipeline Through Lead Generation

Marketing to your ideal client means you’re able to rise head and shoulders above the competition. You’re able to be seen, heard, and valued beyond the crowd because you are targeting very specific clients for whom your services and passions best match. I want you to assess and evaluate who your best fits are, instead […]

How To Define & Identify Your Hot & Buying Client

I define creativity as the space where art and science meet and make magic, and I want you to be a creator of that magic rather than hiding on the sidelines. But as creatives, we often find ourselves weighed down by all of the details that go into designing our business before we feel confident […]

How To Stop Hiding In Your Business and Get Hired

How to Sell More Furniture

How often have you said to yourself, “I don’t have enough time,” “I’m too busy,” or “I can’t keep up”? When we worry about feeling overwhelmed or lacking the hours in a day to get everything accomplished, we give into time-shrinking thoughts that interfere with our productivity. Today we’re going to identify your limiting beliefs […]

How To Master Time Management

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Learning how to adjust your service pricing based on your value rather than your hourly worth can be challenging and even somewhat uncomfortable. However, it’s a conversation that we need to have because if you do not ask for what you truly deserve, you will find yourself struggling to stay afloat and on the fast […]

How to Charge Your Value

Raise Your Rate

Coaching, training, inspiring, and speaking with creatives on their path to business success is something that brings me joy and fulfills me. I have also been experimenting in my own creative business for over 25 years. These are my primary reasons for taking on this podcast. In sharing my wisdom, experience, and expertise with you, […]

You Got This (And I Got You!)

What if you had a business coach that genuinely identified with and understood the creative impulse that guides every action and decision in your life? What if that business coach had been there, in the same predicament as yours: struggling between the choice of what was “practical” and what made your heart sing?  Welcome to […]

The Story You Didn’t Know

I’m not talking about trends, those are predictions and prognostications at the end of every year. We’re into second quarter and this is what consumers want at home in 2022. It’s proven, tested, and they’re clamoring for it. Are you delivering? #1 A Trip Down Memory Lane Yes, this is why there has been a […]

What Consumers Want at Home in 2022

By Jen @ Rambling Renovators for One Room Challenge