Landing clients in the design industry can be challenging; sometimes, even when your price is right, you may still struggle to get hired. When you’re working at the right end of the market, it’s actually incredibly rare that a client won’t move forward once they’ve been educated into the value of your design proposal, even […]

15 Reasons You May Not Be Getting Hired

Do you often find yourself saying, “I never have enough time,” “I’m always so busy,” or “I can’t keep up”? When we constantly worry about feeling overwhelmed or not having sufficient hours in a day to accomplish everything, we succumb to thoughts that shrink our perception of time and hinder our productivity. Today, we will […]

Manage Your Time like a Master

Interior Design in Less Time

As designers, we’ve got to remember that while we are used to the stress and frustration of the design process, our clients aren’t. But, if you are following the most important keys to communication, you will keep things on track, moving forward, and alleviating your client’s frustration just by paying attention to them. Seek a […]

The 20 Keys to Effective Client Communication

You have the ability to envision, create, and orchestrate things in ways that others might deem impossible for themselves. When your clients see your expertise, they treat your services differently. You essentially become a superhero: someone who can anticipate and identify their problems and find creative solutions for them in ways they could never do […]

How To Be Your Design Client’s Superhero

In our ever-changing economy, there are going to be times when the word-of-mouth we rely on for lead generation goes radio silent. If you don’t have other marketing engines ignited and running in your business, such uncertain times are going to be especially stressful for you. Finding measurable and trackable marketing strategies will help you […]

Is Your Marketing Working?

Pablo Picasso once said, “Only put off until tomorrow what you’re willing to die having left undone.” There is so much truth in this little nugget of wisdom: so often we never actually finish those loose ends we claim we’ll come back for later! Like many creatives, you are probably no stranger to waiting until […]

How To Reclaim Your Productivity & Profit From Procrastination

High Point is one of those rare places where you really can connect with designers at every level of the market and from anywhere in the world. When you are around your people you can let your guard down, share your expertise, and learn from others. It’s an amazing place to refresh and just see […]

Designer Tips to Maximize High Point Market Experience

Too often, we forget that the materials and elements of design are intensely sensory experiences and can be used to our advantage when presenting to potential clients. Taking a new client from a prospect to a VIP is a process of courtship and the romance and wooing that needs to take place for your client […]

How to Sell the Design Dream

Design is a very intimate business. We climb inside the lives of our clients for weeks, months, or even years at a time to transform their interior environment which, in turn, often promotes their own interior self-transformation. In many cases, we are the catalyst for their personal growth and development–that’s a really big deal. The […]

Are You Forgetting Your Clients?

Failing to control client projects is a leading cause of interior design burnout

Designers are often highly sensitive people. And because of that, it can be so easy to fall into the trap of taking client objections personally or resisting them outright. It can feel like your own worth is being rejected. However, dealing with objections becomes much easier when you can actually learn to welcome them. They […]

Overcoming Client Objections for Designers

Objections are just opportunities in disguise.