To an untrained eye, hashtags might look like daunting blocks of texts and phrases strung together without much thought. But if you’re approaching hashtags with that mindset, you are missing out on a key factor for boosting your engagement on Instagram. I want to focus your attention exclusively on hashtags and who to follow because […]

Harness the Power of Instagram to Build Your Brand, Part 2: Hashtags and Who To Follow

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As creatives, everything we do is about the visual and tactile components, which is why Instagram can serve us so well. And at this point, you’re only doing yourself a disservice if you are still avoiding it! Harnessing those visual and tactile components that Instagram offers as a platform can make engaging with your clients […]

Harness the Power of Instagram to Build Your Brand, Part 1

How to Stop Marketing Madness, How to Stop Social Media Overwhelm, How to Get More Clients

Social media is an amazing tool that, when used correctly, can serve and support your business’ success. At the same time, you don’t want to be losing gobs of time keeping up with too many platforms or accounts. It’s all about that balance. You need to do social media on your terms but still be […]

The 12 Social Media Principles of Profit

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To maximize your client’s product investment, you need to know how to deploy the ten layers of design to best drive your profits. By incorporating choices from all ten of these layers, from the flooring to the window treatments and everything in between, you keep your profit margin while providing your client with a customized, […]

Multiply Each Project Investment To Maximize Profit

When Being Cheap Will Cost You More, How Being Cheap in Business Costs You More

Too many designers are out here expressing frustrations over their client’s unrealistic expectations for their design process, project timeline, or workload. But often, those unclear expectations actually start with us, the creatives.  Whether we’ve been avoiding the hard conversations for fear of coming off too harsh or didn’t cover enough with our clients in the […]

Creating Profitable Client Expectations Every Time

The millionaire next door stays out of debt and knows how to save.

Online outsourcing keeps your business flexible in both uncertain and good times since remote talent is versatile and can be hired out on an as-needed basis. Think of it as talent on demand. You have access to a much greater pool of talent with fewer restrictions. However, there are still many considerations to take in […]

Outsource Online for Ultimate Flexibility

Holding interviews and selecting new hires can be a daunting process. It’s challenging to know the best questions to ask, sometimes our nerves get the best of us, and we talk more than we listen, or we don’t allow ourselves to see the candidate for the person they are presenting themselves to be.  Choosing Unexpected […]

Interviewing Tips and Tricks for Hires that Stick

The fear of managing people is frequently what prevents designers from choosing to outsource for help. However, the right team can efficiently manage itself which will save you time and reserve your creative energy for the tasks in which you excel. But before you begin the hiring process, you need to identify some key things […]

How To Hire Local Assistants Right the First Time

Interior Design Marketing Strategies for Ideal Clients

Whether you’re at a point where business is slowing down and you’re looking to hit refresh and jumpstart yourself into a new market of clients, or you’re a new designer, trying to build your portfolio, sometimes you need to step outside of your comfort zone to expand your business.  Leveraging Social Media Social channels are […]

7 Unexpected Ways to Get Clients When You’re Starting Out or Stuck

How to Stop Marketing Madness, How to Stop Social Media Overwhelm, How to Get More Clients

It is never an easy decision to make when you are considering firing a client. You will need to make sure you have all of your ducks in a row, that you have thought through your options and are not making decisions in the heat of the moment, and that you and your business are […]

When and How to Fire a Client

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