Interior design burnout is a real thing. And in case you’ve been fortunate enough to escape it so far, here are the five primary big ass business challenges that cause burnout. My goal is to help you identify these inside your design practice so you can take action before burnout claims you. In the posts […]

Interior Design Burnout: 5 Big Ass Causes

Interior design burnout will leave you feeling anxious and lacking inspiration.

3 Ways to Boost Your Interior Design Confidence

Boost Your Interior Design Confidence

Confidence is inside of each of us, and it’s a lot like a muscle. You have to build it up with consistent exercise, or risk it getting weak. If you’re finding yourself with a lack of interior design confidence around getting great clients, delivering excellent design solutions and service, and being well compensated, there is […]

7 Interior Design Marketing Strategies: Get More Leads

Interior Design Marketing Strategies for Ideal Clients

Interior design marketing strategies only work when you apply them to your business. The point of the strategies here is to generate more quality leads for your interior design business in a lot less time. #1 Create a Most Wanted Poster for Your Ideal Client (3 maximum) What you think about you bring about, and […]


The bottom line is that when you apply these interior design time mastery tips, you’ll get more done in less time with far less stress. Will you take the challenge? STEP ONE: Create your master list of everything you do during business hours each week. I know, it’s going to be a massively long list, […]


It’s often confusing to determine who is a better fit for your interior design business needs, an interior design consultant or an interior design business coach? Here are five key differences so you can make the best decision in your interior design practice. When interviewing a candidate to be your design business consultant or coach, be sure […]


When you want the best interior design business coach for you and your practice, there are 5 key criteria to consider in making your decision. Every designer is unique and your coach needs to understand your values, your specific goals, and your strengths and weaknesses (and cater to your strengths.) This is not a one-size […]

7 Deadly Distractions Stopping Your Interior Design Business Growth

Outsourcing is the answer to ditching deadly distractions when you want to grow your interior design practice.

Nothing is more important than your interior design business growth. You’ve got to invest your time in the tasks and actions, in your practice, that will deliver the greatest impact. There are 7 deadly distractions that plague interior designers whether just starting out or established for 10-20 years. Read the list here and see if […]

Connect to Clients: 7 Keys for Designers During COVID19

Connect to clients when they've got kids underfoot during COVID19.

How you connect to clients is more important than ever before. It’s not enough to send a well intentioned, carefully crafted statement of your interior design practice’s COVID19 response. Everyone is doing that. This crisis requires a lot more if you want to keep your current clients, nurture past clients as a source of repeat […]

7 Instagram Tips for Interior Designers

Instagram Highlights for Interior Designers

Instagram is a powerful and free (unless you decide to advertise) tool to grow your interior design practice. Whether you want more clients, to connect with editors of design publications you’d like to be featured in, to find new vendors, to become an influencer, or to collaborate with colleagues, it’s all possible and here are […]