3 Blazingly Obvious Ways You Are Screwing Up Your Success

There are a million reasons (nay excuses) why you aren’t where you want to be, why you haven’t achieved what you wanted to, and why you are selling yourself short. Here are three of the biggest and the easiest and fastest to correct. See if you don’t agree and get busy putting your business back on track.

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Got Skin in the Game?

You’ve got to have skin in the game . . .
A few years ago, I attended a two day marketing event and as with events of that sort there were pitches along the way. One of these was for a program that regularly was priced at $597 but for this event it was on special for $279. I decided I wanted the product and purchased it at the back of the room. Within five minutes of that, I was approached by at least five participants, one of whom I knew, and it was suggested that they each pay a portion of what I’d invested and they get copies of what I’d bought. Aside from my having ethical issues with this as piracy (and it is), I realized that if they couldn’t afford or weren’t willing to invest $279 in their own success, there was little to no chance this was going to be of any benefit. I declined and they found someone else who offered to do this. I simply wasn’t comfortable and as a coach I know too well what happens when prospects don’t invest in their own success to the degree necessary and essential, they don’t achieve their big dreams.

Get outside your comfort zone . . .
To make real tangible progress in business and in life, you’ve got to stretch beyond your current comfort zone. Doing what you’ve always done will get you what you’ve always gotten. Personally, I find that the smaller the investment the less likely I am to take action because the perceived value is less. Investments that stretch me, that feel like they are just beyond or even way beyond my comfort zone (like those high end coaching programs of $25K to $1M) set a lot more fire under me. Wherever your comfort zone is, stretch it. For the participants at the event I described, their comfort zone may have been $200 but they weren’t willing to stretch to $279 and instead wanted to indulge in piracy with copying a program they needed to own, invest in, and act on.

How to Avoid Business Failure, Achieving Goals, How to Succeed in Business, Small Business Success, Ways to Fail in Business, Motivational Speaker, Sales Trainer, Marketing Speaker, Getting Outside Your Comfort Zone
Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

You’ve got to take action beyond the purchase . . .
We’ve all done it, invested in programs virtual and real that we never implemented. You may be one who has an entire library of shelf help or desk top tools that you don’t use, but you had to have at the time. Achievement is not in the ownership but only in the implementation. You could invest tens of thousands of dollars in tools, strategic plans, systems and solutions but without action, nothing is going to change. Stop acquiring and take a look at what you already have on hand. I bet you are sitting on a gold mine. Go mind the gold you already have instead of chasing new bright shiny opportunities.

Tell me here how you’ve gotten outside your comfort zone!! How are you stretching yourself? I reply to all comments personally. You matter to me!

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  1. says

    I actually just hired a coach…one that I have to pay! LOL In the past I’ve done a lot of barter work and what I’ve learned is, for somethings barter might be good, but in certain areas, you get what you pay for.

    So I stepped out of my comfort zone and committed to a 6-month coaching program that is currently WAYYYY out of my budget. But my thought is, I have goals. I won’t reach those goals sitting in my comfort zone. I need to stretch myself and I need someone on the sidelines pushing me to do so.

  2. says

    Going out to our comfort zone is absolutely a huge challenge to each everyone of us. If we want to achieve our goals in life or in business. Do something you have never done before. Don’t be scared of failures. It’s a part of success. If you succeed to something without being failed, You won’t feel true meaning of success. Thanks for this post. This will help a lot. ^^

  3. says

    Yes, I agree with this line “Achievement is not in the ownership but only in the implementation”. You have many resources to take but you don’t have action. It simply means beyond all of that there’s no output. Going out with the comfort zone is really a big step in one’s life. Yes, it’s hard but there will be a good effect in a person’s life if we try something new.

  4. says

    I’m between those 2 zones in that black space where you could fall into oblivion… and often it sucks! In other words, still waiting for the magic so so far committed that there is no going back!
    Yikes, good job I’ve got a unicorn..
    Hug Melissa

    • Melissa Galt says

      You are in no danger of falling into oblivion, you are far too connected to your passion and purpose for that!

      You can’t wait for magic, you simply have to invite it to unfold . . .

      Hugs, Melissa

  5. says

    After having your article ‘whap’ me up beside the head a few times reminding me to keep going, I would only offer one thing: Just because you stepped out of your comfort zone once before and it didn’t work, does not mean it won’t work this time.

    We all grow. Stepping out of your comfort zone and feeling it didn’t work last time, may have been the ideal learning experience for this time.

    You’re only a loser if you stop.

    Great article, Melissa. Wishing you all the best!

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