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How to Close Sales Without Ever Selling

(Perfect for: sales meetings, business development, dealer and distributor events, industry conferences and tradeshows)

Finding new ways to revolutionize sales is never easy, but what if you could show your staff and sales reps proven techniques for turning their existing base of clients/customers into a gold mine? Statistics show that it is far more cost effective and easier to sell to an existing satisfied customer than to go out and find a new one.

By building relationships, instead of mere connections, with customers and clients, you will skyrocket your sales adding more dollars to your bottom line and more profit to your pocket. We are living in the age of ditch the pitch and skip the sell; this is all about building profitable relationships for lifetime demand.

Hate cold calling well this presentation will banish that unpleasant chore forever. Instead you’ll know clearly and simply how to form the right connections; take them to rich relationships with value education, and continual interaction.

You’ll learn how to touch your target market regularly and relevantly and when to stir them up with excitement to buy your product or service. This is soft touch sales that win raving fans, endless referrals, and lifetime demand from your ideal target market.

Take-Aways You Can Count On:

  • Get the Best Places to Connect with Your Ideal Clients
  • Master the Shortcuts to Building Profitable Relationships
  • Become the GoTo Expert in Your Industry/Niche/Topic
  • Know #1 Way to Stay in Touch with Your Target Market
  • Grab 5 Fast and Effective Ways to Engage and Excite Your Target Market

Very real! Unafraid to tell the “dirt” and how it has shaped your life for the better … for good.

Christy DiFoggio
President, Genre Brand Communications

Melissa’s an extraordinary speaker – everything she said made so much sense – awesome!

Donna Gunn
Communications Manager, The Media Matters, Inc.