Sneaky Inside Trick to Explode Your Sales When You Hate Selling

One of the most serious ways you are selling yourself and your product or services short is by focusing on features and not benefits. What the heck do I mean? Well think about your client and put yourself in their shoes (by the way, if you can’t do this easily, you don’t know them well enough and need to do more research.) As they head to bed at the close of the day, what are the concerns that are keeping them awake?

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Know Your Client's Pillow Talk

Let me show you what I mean:
You might sell marketing consulting and plans but that isn’t what they are suffering without. They need more customers in their business. You want to lead with what is front and center for them, not your deliverable but instead the result they realize when they use your product or service.

“I show you how to simply and powerfully attract and capture more ideal clients to add dollars to your bottom line.”

Do you sell home furnishings or carpet? It is unlikely that they are staying up nights worrying about that. Instead they are focused on that upcoming visit from a critical mother-in-law that means they need to make interior decorating changes. Or, they have worn out pieces that preclude them from being comfortable and inviting friends over.

“Tired of hearing your mother-in-law harp about your home decorating? Refresh your look with the perfect pieces for your style that will wow even the most critical mother-in-law.”
“Are you too embarrassed to have friends over? Let us help you find the style that is you, pulling it together and making you look good.”

You may be a coach but instead of zeroing in on the value and results you provide, you get caught in conversations about how many sessions they get, do they get email support, and more. That isn’t relevant to your client’s needs. They want to know what their transformation will be by working with you.

“Imagine clearing up the blocks to better relationships in your life so you can enjoy not just loving relationships with your family but also harmonious relationships in your workplace.  You will look forward to going to work each day and be excited to embrace weekends with your family and friends.”

Tips to Boost Sales, Marketing Strategy, Sales Training, Marketing Speaker, Melissa Galt, Social Media Speaker, Pillow Talk,  Sales Closing Techniques, Client Conversion
Know It, Use It

Once you nail down the “pillow talk” of your market, you can much more easily create compelling copy and conversation to drive them to the decision that you are the solution to their pain. As long as you fail to deliver the answer and instead give just the details of delivery, you are going to miss their boat. They won’t see you as an answer but only as an obstacle and they’ll keep searching. Open up your opportunities and your bottom line by pinpointing their pain and brandishing the salve they need most.

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  1. says

    HI Melissa,
    i love your newsletters and suggestions. I have to admit i have taken such a hit here in san diego that i have not had a new job in nearly 6 mos. i am cleaning houses and nannying and 4 years ago was making 6 figures. it has mentally brought me to my knees and although i know i am talented i feel i have lost my edge and am full of fear for my future. I do not have a penny to my name and have lost nearly everything. I feel so far from a comeback now that i do not even know if that is possible. I am at a loss as to how to even get it back. I have tried print ads, home shows, flyers, facebook exposure, networking, calling all my old clients and leads faithfully. After all of this time and effort only to have 0 results i think i have lost my joie de vivre :( i keep reading all that i can in hopes to find a nugget to hold onto and give me hope again. thank you for your inspiration and that i know there are still designers that are greatly successful out there still in this economy. now to find out how to join them again. Janette

    • Melissa Galt says


      I am so sorry to hear of your challenges. Know that you are in charge of what happens next. Your talent is not in question, you simply need the strength and mindset shift to get through this.

      I did check out your site, lots you can do to make it easier to find and more client friendly.

      Hugs, Melissa

  2. Louise DiSclafani says

    Melissa…right on target! I teach classes for start-up entrepreneurs and that is one of most important pieces I teach in the marketing section. With all that is written about it, I am still amazed at how many people can’t answer what are the features and what are the benefits of your business! Your examples are very creative!

    • Melissa Galt says

      Thanks Louise,

      Glad you liked those! Yes, this is kind of amazing but not any more amazing than the number of professionals thrusting biz cards at me at networking events without even a HELLO! YIKES.

      Hugs, Melissa

  3. says

    Great article! Speak to the pain is what I’ve learned. It’s how people know you get them. They can’t relate to your solution when they’re in the pain. Thanks for sharing your wisdom!!
    Kelly Ann

  4. says

    Melissa, you are all about giving us ‘lightbulb moments’ that shed light on our real problems so we can better understand how to implement solutions for out businesses. I always enjoy reading your words of wisdom. Thanks and blessings, and Happy Easter!

  5. says


    Great comments. Working with sales people to help them improve their performance, I find that too many of them still focus on the features of their products. Great sales people focus on understanding their clients and prospects. They are able to speak their client’s language and help solve their client’s or prospects challenges

  6. says

    “Drive them to the decision that you are the solution to their pain.” These words are so true! People in sales should always think that they’re part of the solution. What could even help them to understand their customers’ needs is to really take time to understand them. By segmenting their customers and understanding their needs, their sales approach will be more appealing, more compelling.

  7. says

    Such a great reminder. Everybody loses sales when they start talking about what their customer “gets” instead of helping them see that we can help them achieve their dream, whatever that picture looks like!

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