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For new and experienced designers alike, this book lays out a proven system and marketing strategy for attracting affluent clients who trust your expertise and are ready to invest in your best work.
Find out what high-end clients are looking for today, the prime places to find them, and the essential qualities they’re looking for in a luxury designer.

The Design Trade’s One-of-a-Kind Guide to Working with the Best

         Marketing Luxury Design: Attracting Affluent Clients



Feeling rich is about more than adding zeros to your bank account balance. It’s about good health, loving relationships, doing the work you enjoy, and fulfilling your purpose with passion.
Move It Forward: 31 Days to a More Prosperous You in Business and Life provides a simple system for clearing your mindset and heart-set obstacles, so you can claim the abundance you deserve and desire. Each day offers an anecdote with a lesson for growth, 3 quick action steps, and an affirmation to keep you on track.

Your One-of-a-Kind Guide to Becoming a Better You

Your Big Leap: 31 Days of Bite-Sized Actions for BIG RESULTS


What if ONE word had the power to close a lucrative business deal? Or make this the year you finally keep your New Year’s resolution? We live what we speak, and too often, we aren’t mindful of how our words are impacting the way we show up for ourselves and others.
In this shortcut to getting what you want, you’ll discover 15 common word choices holding you back. Ignite your limitless potential with new semantics for success.

Your One-of-a-Kind Guide to Winning with Words

15 Word Choices to Get Everything You Want in Business and Life!