You deserve to have an interior design business that informs and inspires, serves and supports, fuels and feeds the whole of your life...and doesn’t swallow you whole.

Transforming Chief Employees into Chief Visionary Officers.

You’re here because you want to…

Spend 80% of your time doing the work you’re best at and enjoy most, where you can have the biggest impact on your bottom line.

Pull out of the day-to-day without losing revenue or compromising the quality of your client experience and design delivery.

Simplify, streamline, and systematize your way to more profitability with best-fit clients who give you bigger design investments to play with.

Build a reliable team that’s just as committed to your vision as you are and doesn't require hand-holding, so you can maximize your billable hours, wow your clients, and explore exciting new revenue streams.

Get back time for family, travel, and hobbies (winery tours count) without ever feeling like you have to choose between work and life when it comes to your success.

As someone who’s been in the design trenches for over 25 years and coached thousands of other designers on how to earn more in less time, with less stress…

I’m here to tell you that you’re closer to unlocking this next level in your interior design business than you think. All you need is the clarity and confidence to step into the visionary role where you shine brightest.

Hi, I’m Melissa Galt.

Tough-love interior design business coach. Marketing magician. Inner imposter buster. Cocktail connoisseur. And queen of unpopular opinions.

My secret sauce for designing a business that fires you up and transforms your unique genius into a playground for profit includes 3 must-have ingredients: 

Creative marketing strategies for attracting better clients who value the transformation you provide

Simple systems for optimizing your back-end processes and freeing up your time and energy for $1000 per hour tasks

Building a winning team so that you can outsource everything beyond your Zone of Genius

When you don’t love the way your business runs right now and you’re face-planting into bed every night wondering when this is going to get better (spoiler alert: not until you do something about it), remember that complacency is a choice.

You can stay stuck and keep complaining about your inability to get your business house in order OR you can choose to get the support you need to bring fun and ease back into your work.

What makes me                   ?

Got my business degree in Hospitality Management from Cornell University and certification in business management from the AMA.

Embarked on my career as a Purchasing Agent in 5-star properties for the next 5 years. 

Earned my second degree in Interior Design at Southern Institute in B’ham, AL.

With a diversity of experience, including Junior Designer at an architectural firm, Manager at a textile home boutique, and Designer for a high-end furniture retailer, I launched my own residential practice, with a side of commercial projects.

After leaving a lucrative corporate career in hospitality to jump into the wild blue yonder of my own interior design practice, I turned an upside-down beginning of $70K in debt into a 6-figure business in only 18 months.

Within 5 short years, I was shaking 7 figures out of my sleeves. When design colleagues asked me how I was doing it without signing over my weekends and sanity, I knew I was onto something and that my results weren’t the norm.

For the last 15 years, I’ve been coaching interior designers on the business of design and consulting on marketing practices that make you money. With 25 years in my own practice, I learned a lot and was always willing to experiment, so my clients don't have to. 

Recognized by Forbes as one of the Top 20 Women of Influence to follow on Twitter.

Awarded TAG’s (Technology Association of Georgia) Most Engaged Marketer Award.

A popular CreativeLive instructor and creator of "Design Your Business Blueprint".

A member of Faith Popcorn's Brain-Reserve, future focused marketing.

Featured in INC, Entrepreneur, Creative Live, American Express Open Forum, Designers Today, Furniture Today, Furniture World, and more.

Business Chops

Industry Stripes

Awards & Big Wins

the real deal

Beliefs I’m Unapologetic About...

80% design/20% business

Your Zone of Genius is a goldmine

Rate transparency rules

Not all shortcuts are bad

Talent is overrated

Life comes first

Time is your greatest non-renewable resource. Don’t let the admin vampires suck your creativity dry. Find ways to delete and delegate: more design, less paperwork.

The key is NOT to do it all but to identify your unique competitive advantage. Developing your weaknesses is a big hairy waste of time. Spotlight your strengths.

Rate transparency is the currency of client trust in the design industry. People appreciate it when what they see is what they get. Honesty is the path to profits.

Most coaches ask you questions and wait for you to figure it out. I give you the exact tools, steps, and processes you need to take immediate action and see progress faster.

Confidence and enthusiasm make clients HOT to hire you. When you’re hiding behind your inner imposter or design portfolio, you’re leaving money on the table.

You started your business for freedom. When you can’t even take a vacation, what’s the point? Success is about making more money AND having more time to enjoy it.

"Tripled our income in just 9 months..."

“I consider Melissa truly my Guardian Angel in my design business. She is the tough love I need to move forward. I tend to get caught in analysis paralysis, and Melissa’s no BS coaching keeps me moving forward, and my design practice growing. We tripled our income in just 9 months and increased rates.”

- GOFF christian

GOFF designs


With the changes our industry is facing, you need an Interior Design Coach who’s been there, done that
...and has her finger on the pulse of what’s working now.

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My Points of Connection & Curiosity:

I’m related to a bunch of famous dead people.

Daredevil is my middle name.

I call my rescue cat, T.C.

My superpower is calling you on your BS.

My passport gets around.

My great grandfather was the American architect Frank Lloyd Wright (kind of a big deal), so design is in my genes. My mother was the Academy Award-winning actress Anne Baxter and her sudden death when I was only 24 taught me that life is too precious to spend your time doing something you don’t love. And while not blood-related, my godmother was Edith Head, an American costume designer who collected 8 Academy Awards for Best Costume Design.

Tandem skydiving, hang gliding, bungee name it, I’ve happy-screamed through it. I’ll try any sport that requires no practice and a penchant for adventure.

It stands for Too Cute, Too Cuddly, Too Curious, Too Cattitude-y. 

I don’t have a fluffy bone in my body. I’m not for everyone, but when you want to get stuff done, I’ll hold your feet to the fire and banish you from your comfort zone for good.

India’s colors mesmerized. Nepal was a spiritual awakening. Africa captivated on safari. Bali delighted with specialty crafts. New Zealand was a hotspot for extreme sports. Australia stole my heart. And Greece, France, Italy, Denmark, Spain, and Portugal are all places I’d return to in a heartbeat. I’ve also been to 45 of the 50 states and counting!

my mother, anne baxter, was an academy award-winning actress!

adrenaline junkee? call it what you want - skydiving rocked my world!

spending time in CHINA was FASCINATING!

design is in my genes - frank lloyd wright, the american architect,  is my great grandfather!

meet tiny cat!

my greatest thrill is your success. let's make this happen!

swimming with dolphins?