Mindset Changes: Lose Your Limiting Beliefs, They Aren’t Yours Anyway!

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  1. Jennie says:

    Wow; that is so powerful. I have no contact with my mother, and have spent many years with various therapists, because I thought there was something wrong with me. One day a Regional Head of Psychiatry said, why would you want to have contact with her? She doesn’t like you, she was incredibly cruel, vicious and destructive to you? Why do you think you should be exposed to that, why would you expose your children to that? You can’t legislate for other peoples thoughts or treatment of you BUT, you can decide not to tolerate it and walk away. To hear someone of your reputation and that fact how well known you are say this is very very empowering and gives strength to far more people who live with a distorted guilt. Thank you Melissa, you are an amazing woman.

  2. Melissa Galt says:


    Wow, I’m so sorry you’ve had to wrestle with that for so long. It took me decades to get to a place where I liked myself and stopped trying to prove myself to someone who’d never care because he didn’t like himself.

    Betting you have some brilliant lessons from your mom despite the profound pain. When you allow the light in, you’ll fully see and step into the gift that you are.


  3. susan says:

    Thank you for this beautiful post. It really hits home as I’ve chosen to draw some pretty clear boundaries with plenty of people in my own family (parents especially). There seems to be a common attitude that if they are your parents, they are entitled to your commitment to the relationship and I really can’t disagree more. I’ve given them a number of chances and have only gotten hurt in the process, thus, the establishment of firm boundaries. I know I’m subject to a lot of judgment because of it, but I’m in a place in my life where my own family is #1 in my life and I need to do everything I can to make this a beautiful, loving, peaceful and trusting environment for my husband and kids. If my own relatives can’t fit into that, then they can stay outside of my boundaries. Definitely hard stuff to wrestle with, but so worth it in the end! Thanks for the great post.

    • Melissa says:

      Good for you! It is so important to claim your boundaries as an adult with your own parents. They got us until about 18 and usually a lot longer, when it isn’t healthy and happy, it is time to step away.

      Big Hugs,

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