The Entrepreneur’s Journey: 7 Surefire Ways to Beat Loneliness in Business

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  1. Tammy Fink says:

    Great article. Because we don’t live in a large metropolitan area, I don’t have access to some of your suggestions. However, I really think that some of your suggestions, are spot on…and just may be the missing pieces I have been looking for. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sally Shornick says:

    Melissa, you hit the nail square on the head. i don’t know of anyone who can’t benefit fro these 7 great suggestions. The key is to DO one or all of them.You must commit to find a fit and continue with what resonates. You do not only talk the talk , you walk the walk. I so admire that about you. I applaud you for sharing this from your personal experience. Bless you dear one.

    • Melissa says:


      Always a treat to hear from you! Yes, I do walk my talk, it’s much simpler than trying to make stuff up. LOL. Know you know the challenge here and create a circle of supportive friends to get through those moments.


  3. Celeste Breen says:

    I set with a small group of women monthly for lunch and we discuss our businesses and our personal lives. We are there for each other when needed.
    I also make time to get together with the women in our neighborhood at our monthly Ladies Night In just to catch up.
    You are spot on regarding taking classes at a gym. I have formed some great friendships there.

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