What You Can Learn About Success from Fruit

  1. roanna martin-trigona says:

    dear Marvelous Melissa,
    This is a great synopsis of how to do the homework and lay the foundation and plant the seeds. Beautiful and impeccable analysis!!! xox Roanna

  2. Randi Destefano says:


    I love how you’ve compared the stages of ripening fruit to our journey towards success. And it’s encouraging to remember that we all “ripen” at a different pace based on our experiences, time, and committment. One thing that I learned in The Slight Edge, by Jeff Olson is to take little steps, faithfully, every day to help reach your goal.


  3. Jon Coffelt says:

    Your ideas and the way you allow people to see inside themselves still amazes me after all the many years I have known you dear. Thank you so much for today’s post and thank you for believing in me too. -Jon

  4. Susan E. Smith says:

    In my garden, I notice that the seeds planted have almost caught up in maturity as the plants planted. Each client reacts differently to the services we offer and “seeds planted” along the way – and ripening at different rates. Thank you for your insight and analogy. SS

  5. Siona says:

    Hi Melissa,

    Your insight is refreshing. I enjoy your seminars very much also. I agree with you wholeheartedly about the importance of the ability to adjust to the rhythm of your ‘own’ path and to embrace its uniqueness rather than comparing it to others. One Love.

  6. Kendra Kroll says:

    loved this, thanks. sometimes we all need that little reminder…it’s not a race. We all come into our own when the time is right, and we ripen from time & experience.

  7. Water & nurture with care…always. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

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