When Policies Prevent Profits: Are You Stalling Your Success?

How to Grow Your Business, How to Have Great Customer Service
  1. As a business owner myself, rule #1 is you never leave money lying on the table.

    But I have seen this sort of behavior numerous times from large companies. The customer service reps and given strict training that unless you call in with the correct part number, pricing, and account number they are not allowed to help you.

    And speaking to a “manager” usually doesn’t accomplish anything either. I’ve often wondered how many times you are transfered to the “manager” only to find that it’s actually the customer service rep in the next cubicle over.

    There are some cases where I will gladly pay more money to buy the product/service from a supplier that I KNOW values my business and my word of mouth endorsements over the less expensive supplier who could care less if I bought from them or not.

    So to answer your question…. idiots!

    • Melissa Galt says:

      Thanks James!

      Funny thing is after I wrote this, they came back and asked for a second chance.

      I said, no thanks!


  2. Edwin says:

    Hi Melissa:
    This only my opinion but many company’s get to one size and then the little guy/girl doesn’t matter any more.
    What they forget they wouldn’t be where they are if the small company’s didn’t want there products.
    To many times the small amount is not important to them.
    Some time ago I was in a restaurant with a friend and I left the server a tip. My friend commented that the amount was small and it should be more.
    I though for coffee this was good enough,so I looked at my friend and told him to her it may be a small amount but if 50 people would come in during the day this would add up to be a large sum.

    Granted it wasn’t much but she served me coffee and why would I leave her a tip.
    But If you travel and you make stops, lets say a hundred places a month and you tip each place one dollar to them it’s only a dollar but to you it’s 100.00 for that month.
    The same works the other way if you only get one dollar from a hundred people that is a 100.00 dollars you didn’t have before.

    Thanks for letting me rant.
    Have a good day.

    • Melissa Galt says:


      You can rant here anytime, lol. I tip based on service, if it’s great I give a lot, if not then I’ll leave a note and a lot less.

      This wasn’t a tiny order though residential and not commercial. The stupid part is they had the order and my money if they’d simply charged it. And I’d have gotten to try their product in a smaller capacity opening the way for a big job later.



  3. Kit Elliott says:

    Hi Melissa,
    We agree, our payment system was cumbersome and inefficient. We have since revamped our website to include an online paying system. We apologies for the frustrating customer experience and hope to work with you again.

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