5 Ways to Stop Failing in Business Everyday: Success Habits for Small Biz Success

  1. I just got done ‘spring cleaning’ my desk this weekend of all the products, CD’s and books I bought but never read….I buy this stuff with the best intentions but never follow through. I am not buying ANYTHING else until I have gained the knowledge of the stuff already in front of me…and I scheduled time in my calendar to do it. Great blog -thanks!

  2. Nanette says:

    Oh Melissa, you’ve nailed it with this post!
    I was just having a conversation yesterday with a mastermind buddy/coaching client/friend who asked me (both as a coach and a friend) “Why do you think I continue to fall short of my goals?”. My coach voice replied “When you ask yourself that question, what answer do you get?” and my friend voice replied “Because you’re not doing the work! You’re not taking deliberate action on the basic, basic things you know you need to do — even the ones you have proven will grow your business!”
    And of course, I’m guilty of the same thing sometimes, too!
    Thanks for the reminder that no matter how much information we gather, or how many groups we join, or famous people we connect ourselves to, WE HAVE TO DO THE WORK of growing ourselves. And often, it’s the basics we don’t do with the routine required to truly make a difference.
    Thanks for being a true voice of reason and an inspiration.
    Wishing you well-

    • Melissa Galt says:

      Hey Nanette,

      Great to hear from you always. Yes, we all do fall into this trap, some more than others. The work is what makes it ours and makes it worthwhile otherwise it’s wishing and hoping!


      PS. Wonder if that is why Byron Katie calls her program The Work?!

  3. Carol Mathias says:

    Melissa this is soooo true and helpful. Love the simple low-tech idea of written goals on an index card. It is so easy to say yes to the next great idea, but never nurturing our own inspiration and passion. Thanks for all the wise and helpful things you share. Your type of leadership and honest grit is exactly what I needed!

    • Melissa Galt says:


      Thanks so much, always glad to share techniques and tools that work. And goodness knows simple trumps complicated and tech every day of the week.

      Hugs, Melissa

  4. Nica Mandigma says:

    Every item on this list is true. I know because I’ve gone through them and still experiencing a couple. My biggest obstacle to success, I would say, is taking action. Sometimes I get blinsided by little things and I fail to act on what I have learned.

  5. Law says:

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  6. Josh says:


    You’ve just discribed me in your article, it is very practical and informational. I have the biggest library of resources, yet no sales to prove… no action, guess I need a kick… eh?

    What is my prescription? Thanks.

    • Melissa says:

      You are not alone, just few business owners admit it. Now that you are aware, it’s time to stop adding to that desktop collection and start implementing an action plan.

      Hugs, Melissa

  7. A Mueed Qazi says:

    It’s always good to enlighten oneself before going through the pain of failure. Failure sure is a stepping stone towards success, but why step on it when you can avoid it?
    Thanks for the wonderful article.

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