When holding interviews, it’s common to feel as if you’re the one being interviewed. Sometimes our nerves get the best of us, and we talk more than we listen, or we don’t allow ourselves to see the candidate for the person they are presenting themselves to be. So, today, we’re going to dive into some […]

019: Interviewing Tips and Tricks for Hires that Stick

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Diving into hiring for the first time doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be simple as long as you follow the process that you need for success. Often, what stops designers from hiring is that they are afraid of managing people. Yet the right team can effectively manage themselves while saving you time and […]

018: How To Hire Local Assistants Right the First Time

We all hit a rut at some point in our design careers. Perhaps you’ve gotten to a place where business seems to have slowed down and you want to hit the refresh button to jumpstart yourself into a new market of clients. Or, maybe you are a budding new designer, trying to build up your […]

017: 7 Unexpected Ways to Get Clients When You’re Starting Out or Stuck

The topic we will discuss in today’s episode might come as a bit of a surprise. When you are listening here with me, you are used to getting a heavy dose of strategic inspiration, motivation, and momentum. And I know that talking about firing a client may seem like a bit of a downer. But […]

016: When and How to Fire a Client

When you are gearing up to begin the design discovery process with a new client, one of the best investments to provide them with is a welcome kit. A welcome kit provides your client with a glimpse into you and your team, social proof of your work, and a peek into your design process and […]

015: The Welcome Kit That Wins Clients

When aiming for success, sometimes the biggest obstacles are your own personal thoughts and beliefs. Whether you are limiting yourself, doubting yourself, or just not pushing yourself hard enough, all of these can hold you back from the greatness that you are so capable of! That’s where the Three Gs of Success will help. I’m […]

014: The Three G’s for a Successful Business

Believe it or not, I see so many designers flying without a net, which is what I call it when you work without a letter of agreement or with one that has absolutely no protection for you in it. A letter of agreement is just another word for a contract, but it sounds much friendlier. […]

013: The Right Design Agreement To Protect Your Profit & Peace of Mind

As the year comes to a close, it can be tempting to plow straight ahead and into next year’s work without pause. You might find yourself in over-drive, trying to tie-up those loose ends from this year while preparing for next year’s project load. Or, maybe you had a great year and you’re looking forward […]

012: Five Steps to Planning Your Best Design Year Ever!

The past few years were a great time for design firms, with an extraordinarily high demand for our creative services. However, the times are beginning to change and we are seeing more and more economic uncertainty, which can be unsettling for many designers. Recessions are a normal part of economic cycles and we can’t avoid […]

011: How To Prepare For Uncertain Economic Times

Think about your current client load and project pipeline. Are you satisfied and fulfilled by every decision that you’ve lined up at this moment? Or are you, like many creatives, worried about how you are going to manage all of the tasks and requests that you’ve agreed to while also jumping through hoops for a […]

010: Never Worry About Money Again; Learn to Fuel the Soul of Your Business


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