Are you tired of feeling held back by bad habits in your design business? Think of habits simply as patterns of behavior that have become routine. There are healthy habits and unhealthy habits, and we all have a bit of both. Unfortunately, some of these unhealthy habits can be costing you a lot more in […]

037: When Bad Business Habits Happen to Good Designers

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When you’re working at the right end of the market, it’s incredibly rare that a client won’t move forward once they’ve been educated about the value of your design proposal, even if they give some initial pushback on pricing. So, if you find yourself struggling to seal that deal with your ideal client, you need […]

036: 15 Reasons You May Not Be Getting Hired

Time is our greatest non-renewable resource. There never seems to be enough of it, but worrying about not having enough time only limits you further. When we worry about feeling overwhelmed or lacking the hours in a day to get everything accomplished, we give into the kind of time-shrinking thoughts that interfere with our productivity. […]

035: How to Get More Done in Less Time

Let’s face it, as designers, we are in a business that is very complex, which can create a lot of frustration for our clients through everything from the long lead times to construction challenges. Your communication can not only land you the project, but it can also keep your client happy through that long dark […]

034: The 20 Keys to Effective Client Communication

As a creative, one of your biggest assets is your talent. You have the ability to envision, create, and orchestrate things in ways that others might deem impossible for themselves. This is your scope of genius and it is something you really need to lean into within your design practice.  When your clients see your […]

033: How To Be Your Design Client’s Superhero

Are you marketing? Often, when I ask designers this question, many tell me they have acquired a full practice by being word-of-mouth only. And while that is impressive, it can also leave you in a lurch. In our ever-changing economy, there are going to be times when that word of mouth goes silent–they could be […]

032: Is Your Marketing Working?

If you are anything like how I was as a young creative, you may view procrastination as a productivity tool. I pretended that waiting until the 11th hour to do something meant that I would get it done better, faster, and stronger. Instead, I got it done with a ton of unnecessary stress put on […]

031: How To Reclaim Your Productivity & Profit From Procrastination

We’re quickly approaching the eve of this spring’s High Point Market so on today’s episode, I’m diving in with some tips on how to maximize your High Point Market experience. High Point is the world’s largest furniture market with 12 million square feet of showroom. Whether you’ve been before or you’re a complete newbie planning […]

030: Designer Tips to Maximize High Point Market Experience

In this episode of The Affluent Creative, I’m sharing some fun tricks and tips for how to sell the design dream. In my experience, taking a new client from a prospect to a VIP is a process of courtship. It is all about the romance and the wooing that needs to take place for your […]

029: How to Sell the Design Dream

It’s so easy to geek out over the design process–it’s what gets our creative juices going. But something that we always have to remember is that as designers, we would not have a place for those creative talents to flow if we didn’t have clients. Even so, you’d be surprised how often I notice the […]

028: Are You Forgetting Your Clients?


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