Receiving objections from clients can feel incredibly uncomfortable without the right frame of mind. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of taking objections personally or resisting them outright. It can feel like your own worth is being rejected.  However, dealing with objections becomes much easier when you can learn to actually welcome them. […]

027: Overcoming Client Objections for Designers

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As a creative, you may be terrified of networking. I get it–even if you were to throw me into a room of people without my cloak of expertise, I’d be heading for the closest comfortable wall to hide! I know that this makes sourcing client referrals feel overwhelming and uncomfortable at times, so I’ve put […]

026: The Fast Path to Revenue Referrals for Designers

Today, we’re continuing our two-parter series on the impact of Instagram on your business and how to harness its power to build your creative brand. In the last episode, we talked about why you should be using Instagram, what to post and when to post it, and a few other nuggets such as how to […]

025: Harness the Power of Instagram to Build Your Brand, Part 2: Hashtags and Who To Follow

I know learning a new social media platform can be uncomfortable, or something many designers don’t want to bother with. In fact, I was apprehensive about Instagram myself when it first arrived on the scene. However, its staying power has persisted and it has continued to reshape the way that consumers interact with brands and […]

024: Harness the Power of Instagram to Build Your Brand, Part 1

Social media is an amazing tool that, when used correctly, can serve and support your business’ success. It is not something that you need to dedicate gobs of time to either, as long as you can use it strategically. Selecting only certain feeds to follow, setting specific goals for engagement and activity, and not overwhelming […]

023: The 12 Social Media Principles of Profit

Today,  we’re diving into how to deploy the ten layers of design to maximize, multiply, and drive your profits. When we talk about these ten layers, I am referring to how you incorporate the following ten design components into each finished project: flooring, rugs, paint, upholstery, pillows and throws, case goods, lamps and lighting, accessories […]

022: Multiply Each Project Investment To Maximize Profit

Today is all about great expectations. We’re talking about creating profitable client expectations for every project, every time. When you enter into a design agreement with a new client, there needs to be clarity and transparency at all stages of the conversation. Too often I hear from designers frustrated that their clients don’t have realistic […]

021: Creating Profitable Client Expectations Every Time

Today, we are diving into our next installment on the onboarding and hiring process: when and how to outsource online. Outsourcing is about hiring digital remote talent to help you in your business. Because remote talent is flexible and can be hired out on an as-needed basis, using online outsourcing keeps you nimble in both […]

020: Outsource Online for Ultimate Flexibility

When holding interviews, it’s common to feel as if you’re the one being interviewed. Sometimes our nerves get the best of us, and we talk more than we listen, or we don’t allow ourselves to see the candidate for the person they are presenting themselves to be. So, today, we’re going to dive into some […]

019: Interviewing Tips and Tricks for Hires that Stick

Diving into hiring for the first time doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be simple as long as you follow the process that you need for success. Often, what stops designers from hiring is that they are afraid of managing people. Yet the right team can effectively manage themselves while saving you time and […]

018: How To Hire Local Assistants Right the First Time


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