What are you doing for the whole of your body and soul? Think about it for a moment. If your first reaction is to say, “Oh, I don’t have time for that, I’m on a roll in my business and self-care has to wait,” then I have some news for you. When you short-change yourself, […]

009: Taking Care of WHO Matters Most In Your Business

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It may sound truly counterintuitive, but being cheap is killing your profits. We often look for ways to complete important tasks for our business by ourselves to save money. We think that this will maximize our profits because we aren’t spending the money to outsource the job. But taking on too many tasks that you […]

008: How Being Cheap Is Killing Your Profits

Most creatives tend to go job to job, project to project, and client to client without any sense of a waitlist or a queue. This usually ends up feeling like a rollercoaster of cash flow and profits in your business. And while a rollercoaster ride is always exciting at an amusement park, it is much […]

007: Lead Generation to Fill Your Profit Pipeline

When I first started my design business, I found myself in a client trap. 80% of my revenue was coming from 20% of my clients, but 80% of my clients were delivering just 20% of my revenue. When it came to choosing clients for the first five years of my business, I was not selective […]

006: How To Define & Identify Your Ideal Hot & Buying Client

In today’s episode, we are diving into the many ways that you may be hiding inside your business. We are going to look at all the little ways that you are getting hung up on the mechanics of your business instead of getting yourself out there and participating in the magic of your creative energy.  […]

005: How To Stop Hiding In Your Business and Get Hired

Time is our greatest non-renewable resource. There never seems to be enough of it, but worrying about not having enough time only limits you further. When we worry about feeling overwhelmed or lacking the hours in a day to get everything accomplished, we give into the kind of time-shrinking thoughts that interfere with our productivity. […]

004: How To Reclaim Hours Each Week

When was the last time that you evaluated how you are compensated for your creative services? The last time that you raised your rates to reflect your experience and value? You know what I’m about to tell you: it’s time, in fact, you’re overdue!  Today we’re diving into how to accurately charge for your services […]

003: How to Charge Your Value: A Money & Value Episode

Today’s episode focuses on my big “why”: why I have taken on this podcast and how it can help you in your pathway to creative success. I hope that through sharing my experiences, giving you tips and tricks of the trade, and bringing in creative luminaries throughout the field, you will gain the insight and […]

002: You’ve Got This, I’ve Got You

Welcome to the Affluent Creative podcast! During our time together, you’ll hear my story of building a business and brand while seeking that elusive work-life balance. It’s less of a balance than a fusion because as a creative, we don’t flip on our creativity at 7am and turn it off at 5pm. It’s running 24/7/365 […]

001: The Story You Didn’t Know


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