How to Get Out of Overwhelm and Back on Track: Move It Forward

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  1. I get busy getting the little nagging things done (try to work fast & hard) —sometimes even make a list and check them off as I go. I get them out of the way then I feel a bigger time block open for what I really want/need to do.

  2. sadnand seo says:

    your own brilliant brain !

  3. Bones says:

    If you actually live in Georgia, you have my sympathy…But seriously I do enjoy taking a break to read my Astronomy Magazine. It has alot of pictures, my type of reading 😉

  4. CASUDI says:

    Making lists of what I CAN do in the immediate future. The easy list.

    Tidying anything, especially a messy desk or files and when the weather allows, weeding in the garden. Noting quite like “brainless” weeding to get your mind focused on the bigger things.

    After the weeding make those lists of longer term future plans, goals & aspirations!

    • Melissa Galt says:


      I love to leverage organizing as my get out of overwhelm tool! Also list making is a favorite. I find it hard to imagine you are anything other than flawlessly on top of everything.


  5. David says:

    I have found reading some short and sweet tweets from all the Purveyors of Sunshine & Growth, (such as yourself) that for some reason follow me, has been surprisingly effective.

    I sometimes get overwhelmed with the desire for perfection. Along with your help I have pushed through this very recently. As in, yesterday. I finally just sat down, recorded and uploaded two covers of Beatles songs on YouTube. I have done this countless times before only to remove them almost immediately, overwhelmed by the need for approval as well as perfection.
    This time they’re staying, good, bad or ugly! Now I can move on to my originals.
    Thanks and hugs to you Melissa

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