5 Simple Steps to Creating a Business of Impact & a Life of Vision

Melissa Galt Prosper By Design Success Business
  1. Rana Shahbaz says:

    Melissa, thank you for sharing clear map for achieving your business goals.

    Many people forget to create the map before start working on their business. Having a clear plan really help you to stay focus and work on your business.

  2. Love this five stepper. And appreciate the consistency of the soundness and clarity of your guidance.

  3. River Grace says:

    Thank you Melissa, for yet another eye-opening article! I’ve been working in exactly this direction recently, but your text puts my efforts in a more focused perspective.


    • Melissa Galt says:


      Delighted to hear this helped with more focused perspective.

      Sounds like you are on a productive path with passion and purpose!

      Hugs, Melissa

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