Social Media Policies: Know the Rules to WIN at Social Media

  1. CASUDI says:

    I wonder if you follow NORDSTROM ~ one of my favorite brands and my design partner has been shopping there since the mid 80’s and that’s 25 years of brand loyalty! Nordstrom is using SM to do everything right~ IMHO ~ Our local Bellevue Washington store has it’s own Doug McCoy who tweets as @NordstromBVUE .

    No I dont work for them 🙂 I just find their SM evolution interesting to watch as part of my personal SM research. A great example of what you are talking about.

    • Melissa Galt says:

      I’m a huge Norstrom fan and am not surprised at all that they are doing an ace job with SM. I haven’t followed as I am already beyond loyal to them and even have a deadly Nordstrom Visa (dangerous, don’t do it!) They are one of the all time defining retailers with superior customer service. They lead the way! Great to hear from you.

  2. Kristalena says:

    So many ppl are writing right now about how to gain a web presence (how to get more followers, how to target the right kind of interest, etc.) but very few ppl are taking the time to consider the policies and importance of developing a concrete structure for the new online habits that companies and their employees are acquiring. I associate myself with the company I work for when I network, and I think it is a relief to know that there are rules to play by– it gives me guidelines. I like the fact that full disclosure protects not only the employee but the company against “rogue” employees as you call them; that’s something interesting I had never thought of. Thx Melissa!


    • Sarah Devaney-O'Neil says:

      Great point Krista and so true! Some companies have learned this the hard way.. not pretty. I think the SM evolution happened to quickly for them and they didn’t realize what they were up against. Sharpie is by def. one of the best companies to look at from a case study point of view. Sometimes the small business fails to realize the value of looking at the “big boys” as a model of how to approach SM. They’ve taken the risks and a lot can be learned about what to do and not to do by their example.

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