5 Steps to Creating Your Own Tribe

Whether it is in business like the loyal tribe of raving fans that companies like Nike, Zappos, and Apple have created, or in a family like the tribe of the Kennedy’s or the Trumps, you have the opportunity no matter where you are in life and business to build your own tribe.

Business Community Building Melissa Galt
Put the Pieces Together to Create Your Own Tribe

A tribe is no particular size, and occurs organically (this is not about spamming or buying lists). A tribe matters because together we all go farther. A tribe is another word for a community. A community is a collection of like minded people who share common values and beliefs and will put their joint efforts toward a common goal. The goal is about a big impact; it could be more sales, a political victory, a cure for disease, philanthropic achievement, or anything else imaginable.

What may take an individual a lifetime or longer to accomplish, a committed community, henceforth known as a tribe, can achieve in much less time.  It is the 1+1+3 formula and in a tribe that becomes an exponential and unstoppable force.  Yes, that force can be good (Mother Theresa’s Tribe) or evil (Taliban.)

There are five essential building blocks to create, grow, and maintain your tribe.

  1. Define Your Ideal Tribe.  You must know clearly WHO the right fit is for your tribe. What are the qualities, experiences, backgrounds, values, beliefs, and more that they hold in common?
  2. Create a Manifesto.  This defines the beliefs and values concretely and simply both for the tribe and for those who want to understand the tribe and know more about it. It can take the form of an engaging series of statements like Women in Business (Australia) or can be a multi-page document that goes into great detail like the Blogger’s Manifesto.
  3. Act Consistently and Persistently.  As the leader of your tribe, you must be consistent and persistent in your actions and your presence. Whether you use the social networks, blogging, an ezine, email, speaking, or other means of communication, you are the core of the tribe and as that core, must be a cornerstone and a rock.
  4. Gratitude Melissa Galt Prosper By Design
    Show Gratitude to Your Tribe.

    Nourish Your Tribe with Value.  Your tribe builds around you because they know, like, and trust you. They feed on the value, experience, expertise, and warmth you bring to them.  Feed them well.

  5. Reward Your Tribe with Gratitude.  Always be gracious with your tribe, it is an honor and a privilege to have a tribe.  They may be in more than one tribe for more than one reason, what matters is that they are in yours and because of that expect something from you consistently and persistently and will give back with their support, their sharing of your words, and their own gratitude.

Building a community, fostering your own tribe is about stepping out of the small self you are and moving into the bigger self you can be when going farther together.  This is about making a difference not one at a time but instead a tribe at a time.

What ways have you tried to build a community? Share what has worked and what hasn’t worked for you!

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  1. says

    Great post, Melissa!

    I think you have done a great job outlining some of the key fundamentals to building an engaged and valuable tribe (or community). At the end of the day it comes down to understanding the importance of the tribe (what will the focus and purpose be), and making sure that this aligns with the core value of who you or your organization are. This allows either an individual or organization to act consistently with their own beliefs and culture and have those actions resonate with the identity of the tribe!

    Thank you for your great post,
    I look forward to staying connected and continuing to read your posts!

    Tyrell Mara

  2. Melissa Galt says

    Thanks Tyrell,
    Glad you liked it and betting you have a tribe in the growing! Look forward to hearing more.

    Hugs, Melissa

  3. says

    Your “consistent and persistent” concept is the key. It takes great focus and the ability to eliminate (much less not to create) distractions which deter you away from your herd.

    • Melissa Galt says

      Hey Steve!

      Ah yes that dangerous and distracting BSOS, better known as Bright Shiny Opportunity Syndrome. Just remember the tortoise wins the race and hedgehogs outrun foxes all day long according to Jim Collins in Good to Great.

      Hugs, Melissa

  4. says

    Awesome stuff.

    What hasn’t (doesn’t ever work) worked for me is making it about me. What you bring to people, your tribe, has got to be more than you and bigger than you. Even though your pushing yourself and you are the one behind it. It’s a kind of irony that has to be worked out, but at the end of the day, people will see right through if you’re not passionate about them.



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