Marketing Strategies: Why Winging It, Isn’t Working!

Have you noticed how easy it is to just keep adding new tools to your marketing toolbox without giving any thought to whether they are the right tools and if they fit your plan? Oh, you don’t have a plan? I see, so your idea is that by loading on an infinite level of busy work and endless string of tasks, skipping the strategy and plan, you’ll actually get seen (visibility), trusted (credibility), and purchased (profitability). Ah, well as Dr. Phil might ask you “how’s that working for you?”

I thought so, not going as well as you’d planned. That is because winging it isn’t a strategy. All it succeeds in doing is wearing you out with nothing to show for it. UGH!  How about this, STOP what you are doing for a day or a week. Give yourself permission to call a brief time out and craft an actual plan. The reality is that if you keep doing what you’ve been doing, your results or non-results will remain the same. Instead, you’ve got to STOP and clear your head, define your target and select the best tools and strategy to go after your market. The answer is not more networking.

In fact, when you have the right marketing strategy, the best fit marketing plan for your market, you will be able to do less and get more in results. Really! Laser focusing your efforts on one or two networks where your target market hangs out is infinitely more powerful and effective than showing up ever so briefly all over the place. Your market needs to not only see you, but understand clearly what you can do for them. Being seen is pretty worthless if they don’t know precisely the value you bring.

And let’s say that you are visible and credible but still spread too thin, my bet is that you are going to miss out on closing sales because you are too busy chasing an every larger pool of prospects. Remember it is never about how many, but instead about how hot they are.

So here you go. I’m giving you permission to take a week off Twitter, a week off Facebook, and a couple of weeks off Linkedin. If you are also on Empire Avenue, Youtube, Squidoo, Tumblr, Google+ take a week off of any and all of them too. Here’s your steps:

  1. Define your target market (you can have three, not 103 and they need to be detailed with no more than 5 year age spans, as in 45-50 years olds)
  2. Determine where your target market is hanging out (hint they aren’t everywhere or you haven’t done a good enough job with step one.)
  3. Craft an action plan with metrics (yes you do need google analytics, kissmetrics, sproutsocial, or other means of measuring your progress).
  4. Make it  routine you will do consistently and persistently, when it is too big you won’t do it.
  5. Cut out all wasteful activities that aren’t growing your bottom line and are growing your behind (from sitting in front of the computer!)

Winging it is a time waster and fast way to lose precious profitability. A plan will lead you to profits far faster and with less time required.

Tell me what your marketing plan is here!! I want to support you in taking ACTION, not winging it. You deserve a profitable business, a plan will get you there.


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    Hello Melissa,

    I think it was a light bulb moment… the idea of reducing all the social media and also restricting the target market/age groups is a real breath of fresh air for me.

    For the first time I feel this will be both manageable and productive – and isn’t it a relief to be able to focus on a few things instead of chasing too many!

    Thank you!

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    I like the simplicity of your steps. My biggest hangup is always defining my niche narrowly enough. I would like tools to help with that process.

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    Thanks again, Melissa, for taking this often complex and complicated part of business building and making it so simple.

    It really doesn’t have to be so hard, does it?! :-)

    All the best – Nanette

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      I’ve learned that life is as hard or simple as we choose to make it!

      Delighted to see your post on confidence, vital to business and life success!

      Hugs, Melissa

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    Melissa, you are so right on target for many of us entrepreneurs. I love reading your no nonsense articles. No fluff, just real stuff!

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