Marketing Success Strategies: Got a Business Bucket List?

One of the surest ways to get a lot more done in your business and scale that ladder of success that much faster is to create a bucket list for your business. After all if you saw the movie, The Bucket List, years ago you know that the idea is to actually live all the experiences on your “before I kick the bucket” list!  Most of us just use this for our personal lives and forget that we spend so much of our times in our work lives that we might enjoy it a lot more if we created a bucket list.

Bucket List for Business, Creating Your Bucket List, Marketing Strategy, Business Success Habits, How to Get More Done, Goal Setting A bucket list is essentially those experiences and opportunities that you dream of. It’s a great way to unleash your limitations and kick your potential into high gear. Just making the list is an important step but really just the beginning. When you actually leverage your list into an action plan, amazing success can happen.

For example are you one of the millions of people regularly talking about writing a book but never doing anything about it? Well imagine if you put that on your Bucket List and then took the steps to get there. Working backwards from your desired completion date, you can put the steps in place to actually get your book written, published, even illustrated, endorsed and perhaps sold to a publisher. None of that can happen when it just remains a pipe dream without a plan or strategy for achievement.

Bucket List for Business, Creating Your Bucket List, Marketing Strategy, Business Success Habits, How to Get More Done, Goal SettingPerhaps you’ve dreamt about that next big position, but didn’t really consider it a reality. Imagine putting that on your bucket list. It could be that you want to be CEO of your company or Director of Human Resources. By putting it tangibly on your business bucket list, you start the gears of planning that opportunity. It becomes real and possible. You’d look into the precise steps that were necessary to make that happen, instead of dismissing it as something you can’t ever achieve.

Rarely in this world is anyone an overnight success; there is usually a decade or two or more of hard focused work with a big dream attached to it. It is big dreams that keep us going and a bucket list for your business is the perfect way to ensure greater success. For each item on the list you achieve or conquer, you can add another. You’ll be emboldened by your successes and the size of your dreams (and bucket list) will grow.

So let’s see it, comment here and tell me your business bucket list? Want to know a few of mine?

  • To be published by Hay House, the #1 publisher of personal development globally
  • To be recorded by Nightingale Conant for personal and professional development
  • To be invited to present a TED talk.
  • To speak live on all 7 continents, making a difference far more than one person at a time.
  • To create my own foundation to support the BIG dreams of business owners and entrepreneurs.

Writing it down, long hand, no keyboarding is the first step to making it happen. Then take a good look, take a deep breath and feel those feelings you’ll have when  you get it! Now craft the action plan. It’s never too late to do what you might have done.


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    Thank you so much for this. I am a lover of that movie, lists and definitely find that having something to check-off helps achieve goals. Miles stones in your business are a great thing to add as well. 6 figure mark (if desired), 7 figure mark, ___ years in business.

    Thank you for being brave and adding some of yours! Can’t wait to see you on a TED talk. You will be AMAZING!!

    • says

      Thanks Nora,

      I can’t wait too! And still a lot to do to be ready when they call, lol.

      I find it surprising how many people don’t have “bucket” lists, and are just drifting through life, letting it happen to them rather than steering their own course.

      Hugs, Melissa

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