When I spoke with Andrea and Jonathan, they said they’d launched their design practice almost 8 months ago. They were struggling to meet clients and getting frustrated. I took a look at their marketing and saw only time online on Instagram. I asked Jonathan about it and he said that they spent a lot of […]

3 Ways You’re Hiding in Your Business

Hiding in Your Business

The whole point of interior design website marketing is to attract and capture clients. It isn’t just because everyone else has a site or to hold a place on the web. Your interior design site is your invitation to check out your talent, your design process, and your story and explore a fit. When a […]

Interior Design Website Marketing: 5 Essentials to Get More Clients

Interior Design Website Marketing

Website Design & Marketing

Are YOU Sending Your Customers to the Competition? Have you ever called a business at an off hour wanting to check their hours of operation or get their address or even to leave a message for your sales person only to have it ring and ring and ring? Yes, in the information age, in the […]

How to Fail in Business Without Even Trying

First if you aren’t sure which side is dominant, read about it and take the test here. Right brained professionals are those most often in creative fields and the lifestyle industry. We excel at creative pursuits and often fall short on business acumen. I got lucky because I trained my left brain in college and […]

3 Critical Mistakes Every Right-Brained Professional Makes!

Right brained professionals often hide in their business.

Website Design & Marketing

Having just any website isn’t going to move your business forward. There are 5 deadly mistakes too many designers make! Take a read here and see if you are making any. Mistake #1: Your bio is in the third person. How to fix it: Get over yourself, you aren’t that grand! This is all about […]

BUSINESS BUILDING BLOCKS: Are You Making These Five Website Mistakes?

Now that I am urging you officially and with resources to get your website done and up, I want to share some quick and easy ways to make it possible.  If you will do one of these steps each day, by the close of the week you’ll have your content! REMEMBER, BE THERE FOR THE […]

BUSINESS BUILDING BLOCKS: 5 Shortcuts to Getting Your Website Done in 30 Days

Website Design & Marketing

I speak with so many design professionals and even retailers and am continually amazed at how many don’t have websites at all, or websites that work for them. I have had a website for my design practice since 1994, and even won awards for its design! My biggest clients have always come through the website. […]

BUSINESS BUILDING BLOCKS: 5 Must-Haves for Every Designer’s Website

The home furnishings and design industry is way behind the curve in the social networking world. More than 50% of designers and decorators still don’t have a website, and less than 20% are active in online networks. This is not about chit chat, though that certainly happens, it is about connecting in the virtual world […]


Website Design & Marketing