Marketing Success Strategies: Got a Business Bucket List?

Bucket List for Business, Creating Your Bucket List, Marketing Strategy, Business Success Habits, How to Get More Done, Goal Setting
  1. Nora Whalen says:

    Thank you so much for this. I am a lover of that movie, lists and definitely find that having something to check-off helps achieve goals. Miles stones in your business are a great thing to add as well. 6 figure mark (if desired), 7 figure mark, ___ years in business.

    Thank you for being brave and adding some of yours! Can’t wait to see you on a TED talk. You will be AMAZING!!

    • Melissa Galt says:

      Thanks Nora,

      I can’t wait too! And still a lot to do to be ready when they call, lol.

      I find it surprising how many people don’t have “bucket” lists, and are just drifting through life, letting it happen to them rather than steering their own course.

      Hugs, Melissa

  2. I have a few, and try to hit one every year, which means I’m always thinking about what to add!

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