Success Nightmares: What’s Keeping You Up at Night?

How to Sleep Better at Night, How to Succeed in Business, How to Conquer Fear of Success, How to be your own success
  1. Interesting post, Melissa. It’s so cool that you are tuned in to the fact that you thrive on recognition. I’m curious to know if you’ve discovered a way to give that to yourself – congratulate yourself in the mirror? Have a friend play the role of the client and pile on accolades and appreciation? Treat yourself to a day of pampering? What works for you?

  2. Melissa Galt says:

    The best way is to be speaking full time! I love an audience for this reason and have no fear of public speaking. I also love to teach. Design has been terrific for 20 years, I’ve simply always kept my hand in teaching and speaking also.

    I’m not much for a spa day, if I’m sitting still I want to be upright with a book, lounging on a beach, listening to tunes, or engaged in conversation.

    I teach mirror work and it works! I don’t have friends play the role of client, entirely unnecessary, lol.

    Great to get your comment.

  3. Melissa,
    Have you considered when coming to the end of a large project recommending to the owner to have an open house/appreciation party for the team.and spouces or even the public. Most owner who aren’t good at showing their appreciation still enjoy showing it off. This kind of event helps you feel appreciated by all the positive feed back being discussed at the event.

    • Melissa Galt says:


      Already planned, but the client preferred it be my friends and clients,she is uncomfortable showing off.

      I invite every client I work with to do this and invite their friends, colleagues and more.

      Hugs, Melissa

  4. Coralie says:

    I literally jupemd out of my chair and danced after reading this!

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