Instagram is a powerful and free (unless you decide to advertise) tool to grow your interior design practice. Whether you want more clients, to connect with editors of design publications you’d like to be featured in, to find new vendors, to become an influencer, or to collaborate with colleagues, it’s all possible and here are […]

7 Instagram Tips for Interior Designers

Instagram Highlights for Interior Designers

7 Simple Steps to Safeguard Your Interior Design Business

Safeguard your interior design business

Have you been watching non-stop news about COVID19? Are you spending your time hunkered down at home, distracting yourself with anything but work? Your interior design business needs you now more than ever. Binge on your business, not on netflix! Perhaps you’ve had clients put the brakes on projects in progress, delay the start of […]

Keep Coronavirus Out of Your Business: 5 Ways

Coronavirus Infection in Interior Designer

As an interior designer, your business is going to be impacted by coronavirus whether you realize it or not. It may be a significant impact or just a blip, it’s unpredictable. In many ways it’s not unlike the many other disruptions you’ve weathered, from recessions to hurricanes, new regulations to vendor challenges. You came through […]

Luxury Interior Design Today, What You Need to Know.

The luxury of time by design.

The Definition of Luxury The definition of luxury interior design has changed significantly over the last decade. While there is a growing demand for luxury design, the recession of 2008-2010 disrupted the days of excess and flashy and moved affluent consumers from conspicuous consumption to discreet investment and even conspicuous frugality. Today’s luxury interior design […]

The Millionaire Next Door: Your Next Luxury Client

The millionaire next door is closer than you think.

Sometimes called the “Invisible Rich” those who qualify as the millionaire next door can be good design clients. Few have inherited their wealth, instead they’ve worked hard to earn it and they are selective in how they invest it, including in design. Two thirds of these self made millionaires are self-employed. They chose the right […]

Getting Organized: Are You a Sample Hoarder?

Tips On Getting Organized: Stop Hoarding Your Samples!

Do you struggle getting organized? If you do, you’re not alone. I’ve worked with many clients who struggled staying organized. I’ll never forget visiting a client for the second time, years ago. It had been six months since our first visit and at the time I’d reviewed all of her samples and provided guidance and […]

What to Do When an Interior Design Client Tries to Take Control

When an Interior Design Client Takes Over

Are you a control nut like me?  Do you ever have a vision for a client’s home, one that fits them to perfection, and you know that the only way it can happen is if you are in charge of every single detail.  I hear you!  Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it sounds.  A […]

5 Passive Income Streams for Interior Design Pros

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Are passive income streams something you have considered during your interior design career? Well, if you have, stop considering, and start doing! While you may have a full slate of projects and clients in real time, you also have the opportunity to add passive revenue streams to your design practice.  In fact, it may be […]

How to Be a Successful Interior Designer

Successful Interior Designer

Do you know what it takes to be a successful interior designer? Being a successful interior designer requires you to maximize your revenues from every project.  But how does someone do this? The most effective way to maximize your revenues is to deliver more of what your clients want in less time.  Because time is […]