When I read the headline of Robin Williams untimely death, I was actually standing in front of an audience, doing a live online training. It flashed across the top of a site I’d searched and I remember feeling gut punched and that it couldn’t be real. He was the same age as my mother, the […]

Robin Williams Tribute: 10 Lessons Learned on How to Look at Life . . .

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A friend of mine, Tamara is one of those truly rare individuals who has sorted out how to create a life and make a living out of things that make her happy. In fact, when something stops being fun and stops making her happy, she stops doing it and moves on to something else. She […]

How to Be Happy in Business (and How It Delivers Success)

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A problem is simply a label you have applied to something in your life. I am fond of correcting that word choice into “a solution waiting to happen.” In actuality, a problem is only created by the way you frame any given situation or event. When I was younger, I had a lot of problems […]

Take Action: 3 Steps to Ditching the Drama and Finding Your Sunny Side

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If you are a solopreneur, business owner, or home based CEO, you work for yourself. Oh, I know you actually work for your clients but my point is you aren’t working for some large corporation, punching a time clock. In fact, you probably work longer hours than you ever did if you worked in corporate […]

Is Getting a Job the Answer When Your Business Isn’t Thriving?

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Working on a tight deadline recently, I found myself stretched beyond my usual capacity for chaos and craziness and in great need of some fresh ways to get grounded fast, and find my inner flame (that positive place that I usually come from, but sometimes it goes a bit dark.) Here are 3 fast techniques […]

3 Fast Ways to Find Your Calm in the Middle of Chaos

How to Stay Calm, How to Get Focused, How to Avoid Craziness

The holidays are on top of us, the Christmas crazies are here! Whether you celebrate Hanukah, Christmas, or Kwanzaa, this can be a stressful time of year. The key is to remember the reason for the season, GIVING and put yourself at the top of your list. So here are just 5 quick and easy […]

Success Strategies: 5 Ways to Make the Most of the Holiday Season


Regularly sharing Strategy Sessions with Creativepreneurs I have found that the single greatest challenge to your success is your mindset. Success is as much a choice as it is anything else. You can work hard, you can put in long hours, you can be tremendously talented, but if you don’t have the right mindset you […]

SUCCESS STRATEGIES: 5 Sure Ways to Your Prosperity Mindset

Grow Your Interior Design Business Every morning I wake up and practically pinch myself I am so grateful to be here, alive at this time in history! I live in a beautiful home that I worked hard to earn, I work with talented design professionals to grow their businesses, and I share my talents with […]

BUSINESS BUILDING BLOCKS: How Gratitude Can Grow Your Business!


Excerpted from Melissa’s top selling Celebrate Your Life! The Art of Celebrating Every Day More than a third of our lives are spent in pursuit of our livelihood. Too often this is not a celebration but instead an obligation and a decision by default. We are put on a career track before we even know […]

Celebrate Your Career