When your client is not responding to you it can be frustrating, and make you anxious and prone to bouts of overthinking. Design is your top priority; it’s your livelihood and your passion. And yet, it’s only one of a million priorities that your client has. Our clients lead busy lives and it’s important not […]

What to Do When Your Client Is Not Responding to You

When your client is not responding to you, they may be overwhelmed at work.

The fastest path to growing your business and your revenue is to build better client relationships.  Business is all about relationships, and particularly the business of design.  As design professionals we often have unprecedented access to our clients’ private lives and idiosyncrasies (whether we want to or not!) The stronger the relationship you craft, the […]

5 Simple Steps to Build Better Client Relationships

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Interior design client communication is the cornerstone to your success. It doesn’t matter how talented you are, how many certifications you have, how many clients you’ve worked with, or how much experience you have, if you don’t communicate effectively with clients and prospects. And today with so many channels of communication, it can be harder […]

Best Practices for Interior Design Client Communication

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On a recent project where we’re installing hardwood floors, my clients offered to have their handyman/contractor, Tommy, receive the hardwood. We had it delivered 4 days early to acclimate before installation. I know Tommy through another client who has used him for years. When I called him, I got a pick up on the first […]

Interior Design Fail: When You Screw Up Do It With Grace

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Do you always send holiday cards to clients? Stop it. You aren’t standing out from the crowd, in fact, you are just another bit of noise at a very busy time of year for everyone. In addition, if your card isn’t written personally and addressed by hand, all it says is “I sent one of […]

Don’t Send Holiday Cards to Clients…Here’s WHY

I’ve got a confession. I’ve developed a very bad habit lately. It’s called Pinkberry, do you know it? I was originally a fan of Yogli Mogli (if I didn’t explain these are frozen yogurt outlets, you’d think I had some strange disease, lol.) The trouble is that I’ve become allergic to a lot of food, […]

Irresistible Customer Service: They Do It With Two Hands, Do You?

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The other day I was at a local neighborhood vegetarian cafe. It is owned and operated by my former caterer. His food has always been great, but customer service sometimes questionable. For example, there was the last party he catered for me, food was divine, mouth watering bite-size appetizers including such delicious morsels as brie […]

Customer Service Fails: Are You Taking a Bite Out of Your Business?

Wars are won or lost based on this. Relationships will bloom or fade based on this. Your business will succeed or fail based on this. It is one simple concept that is all too often forgotten and when it is, your failure is guaranteed. It’s called FOLLOW UP. It isn’t in your client’s best interest […]

The #1 Critical Component to Success in Every Business: Do You Have It?

Great Customer Service, How to Attract and Capture Customers, From Good to Great

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This is a lesson in how your policies and procedures may be preventing your profitability.  Read closely not as a business owner but instead as a customer or client. Too often we get caught up in our operations, and forget that we are in business to serve our customer and clients.  We must see it […]

When Policies Prevent Profits: Are You Stalling Your Success?

How to Grow Your Business, How to Have Great Customer Service

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