Best Interior Design Business Coach As a small business marketing consultant and coach, I meet a lot of business owners who seem to have more social media icons on their website than they do clients in their practice. If this sounds like you, this is a poverty producing imbalance and indicator that your time is […]

Small Business Marketing: 5 Revenue Generating Activities To Boost Cash Flow

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I have worked with many clients who aren’t networking face to face. They are playing online and not getting any traction in their business. Too often networking is NOT working because of a lack of clarity around the transformation and impact they provide. See if this sounds like you! (All names are changed for privacy […]

Episode #3 ~ How to Craft Your Irresistible 30 Second Elevator Pitch & Networking Intro

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What are the odds that you’ll meet and do business with the man now married to the woman who bought your former house seven years ago, and you never met her at the time?  You could have knocked me over with a feather when I did exactly that this week. We’d spoken by phone prior […]

Relationship Building: It’s a Small World After All

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There are 7 Laws of Client Attraction that when you adhere to them and play by them, you will find your business growing by leaps and bounds. On the other hand when you ignore any given one of them, your business will be diminished, your profits less and your passion for your business challenged. Use […]

How to Use The 7 Laws of CLIENT Attraction: Marketing Made Easy

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I’ve always struggled with the idea that you have to camp on Facebook. The statistics all show that over 50% of users climb on once a day at least for twenty plus minutes. In a world where 30 seconds is our average attention span that feels like an eternity to me. But then I got […]

Facebook Netiquette: Are You Hanging Up on Your Customers?

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Did you drink the Koolaid? Are you convinced that just by having a group logo or name attached to your online profile on Linkedin or Facebook that you are somehow more desirable. Do you believe this will boost your visibility and credibility? GET OVER IT. The reality is that the only way group membership makes […]

5 Really Great Reasons NOT to Join Another Group: Networking Success Tips

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Five plus years into online networking I am continually amazed by the apparent randomness with which most people go about building their networks. Answer the following questions and you’ll see what I mean. Does it really make sense to you to heed Facebook’s friend suggestions? (Facebook is not that smart!) Are you truly comfortable connecting […]

5 Tips to Create a Network of Value: It’s Not How Many, It’s How Hot They Are!

In this day and age of multimedia channels, social networks, email inundation and smart phones, it can be darned near impossible to stay in front of your customer. They are as overwhelmed as you are. So how can you ensure that you stay top of mind and claim the “mindshare” that will make a difference? […]

5 Fast & Fun Ways to Stay Top Of Mind with Your Customers

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This is slick. Maybe you’ve seen it before, but I hadn’t. Now we are being sent awards of complete irrelevance. I’m a professional speaker on social media, relationship marketing, and strategic business growth. I also speak on life design and success architecture.  While I do coach and consult with business owners on marketing, customer service, […]

Stop Stroking Your Ego, Start Growing Your Bottom Line

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