Just got back in Tuesday from High Point Market, the world’s largest furniture and home decor market. If you haven’t been, make it a priority. And start your planning NOW. If you have and are planning to return in April, put it together now. The sooner you book a hotel or Airbnb, the likelier you […]

High Point Market Highlights & How To’s

As I headed out the door, I noticed that both handles on my handbag were cracked in the same place. I realized I was going to need a new handbag soon. Right now I had errands to run before delivering three back to back TEDx style 18 minutes presentations for RUMC Job Seekers, an awesome […]

I Lost It All In Less Than 7 Minutes: Protect Your Identity & Your Credit

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Melissa Galt

Recently, I had lunch with a dear friend of mine. It was a gorgeous sunny day, though still brisk with Spring on the way, but not yet here. We decided to stroll the neighborhood boutiques following a delicious bite to eat. It was a Monday, so not many other folks were out (hey there are […]

How to Avoid Failure Every Time . . .

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Telesummits are a great way to learn but there are a few catches. The bigger the event, the more speakers we are offered, the more challenging actual learning becomes. We’ve all been there. You are so excited to listen in to the gold nuggets your favorite gurus are dishing, then you suddenly find yourself locked […]

How to Get the Most Out of Telesummit Learning and Stay Out of Overwhelm

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I went to get my car washed last week and noticed a clipboard at the register with a stack of half sheets of 8.5×11 paper. It asked me simply to write down my name and email address so Sunshine Car Wash could email me discount coupons for free in March. This was a no-brainer decision. […]

Clipboard Marketing: How to Get More Customers the Easy Way

You know the power of third party credibility. It’s the word-of-mouth marketing that keeps talking about your incredible value and brings you new customers on a regular basis. The engine that runs that marketing machine is testimonials. You can call it referrals or even goodwill, the reality is it is clients talking about how great […]

How to Get Great Testimonials: The Proven Formula for Success

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All of us have obstacles to overcome. Some are smaller than others, but each of us has them. Every morning I am reminded of these obstacles by a dear friend who is fighting esophageal cancer. His caringbridge posts are often the first thing I read. Despite his obstacles, he is remarkably upbeat and a beacon […]

What You and Einstein Have in Common that Will Set You Apart

When you’ve got a marketing message mismatch, you are a marketing meathead. I know sometimes my alliterative tendencies go to far, but I couldn’t resist this title. I couldn’t resist because I actually dated a guy a couple of years ago who repeatedly referred to himself as a meathead. Really? This was mismarketing to me. […]

3 Mistakes to Avoid Being a Marketing Meathead (with a Marketing Message Mismatch)

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Melissa Galt

In this day and age of multimedia channels, social networks, email inundation and smart phones, it can be darned near impossible to stay in front of your customer. They are as overwhelmed as you are. So how can you ensure that you stay top of mind and claim the “mindshare” that will make a difference? […]

5 Fast & Fun Ways to Stay Top Of Mind with Your Customers

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