Interior design sourcing in less time means you have more time for design, more time for marketing, more time for client care, and more time for your life! And it’s not about hiring a team or short changing your client selections by using the same old resources all the time. In fact, when you smart […]

Interior Design Sourcing in Less Time

Interior Design in Less Time

Interior design client communication is the cornerstone to your success. It doesn’t matter how talented you are, how many certifications you have, how many clients you’ve worked with, or how much experience you have, if you don’t communicate effectively with clients and prospects. And today with so many channels of communication, it can be harder […]

Best Practices for Interior Design Client Communication

Interior Design Client Communication, Best Practices for Interior Designers, Client Communication

Time Management

Time management for interior designers can be distilled to a single simple 3-step practice that keeps you on track every day and having a wildly productive week, every week. It isn’t complicated, it is a new habit that you’ll want to implement. The tricky bit about habits is that they take 21 days to form, […]

Time Management for Interior Designers: Get More Done

Time management for Interior Designers

Rebecca is a talented interior designer, but lacks the time management tips and savvy to claim the success she deserves.  She’s made a beautiful difference to many clients over the last decade. Her frustration is that her business growth seems to have plateaued and she’s stuck spinning her wheels and not moving forward. Her time […]

Time Management Tips: 3 Secrets to Making More in Less Time

time management tips

Time Management

Success can only happen when you finish what you start. When you look at the landscape of your business and don’t see the success you envisioned, it is because you failed to finish what you started. I know you may want to say, but Melissa, it’s because of where I live, or it’s because I […]

Small Business Success: 7 Essential Steps to Finishing What You Start

7 Essential Tips to Finish What You Start, The Power of Singular Focus, Business Motivation Speaker, Goal Setting, Stop the Multi-Tasking Madness, How to Succeed with a Plan, Planning Your Small Business Success, Visualization for Small Business Success, Confidence is the Key to Success

What I’ve discovered in business and in life is that you pretty much get what you ask for.  What you ask for is directly tied to the goals that you have, goals that are annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily. (By the way, if you aren’t breaking it down this far, you will accomplish far […]

Small Business Goal Setting: How Big is Your Ask?

Time Management

Are you a list maker like me? Do you start your day with a full page of items to tackle only to find that you get through less than half, and you wind up rolling more than half of your list to the next day? I used to do that until I found a way […]

Productivity Tip: How to Tame Your To Do List (Get More Done & Have More Fun!)

There’s a lot of productivity tools available today, and it can feel overwhelming to find the right ones for you. I only recommend what I actually use and think this one is a total game changer! Have you noticed, as I have, that we don’t just pick up a phone and call anyone anymore, we […]

Smart Solutions: #1 Productivity Tool When You Need to Schedule

Smart Solutions - #1 Productivity Tool

Time Management

Every year at this time, everyone is talking about resolutions and goal making. While those two activities may have merit, by themselves they are largely ineffective and a waste of your time, energy and focus. Instead by following the surefire, smart (and simple) steps here you are guaranteeing the realization of step one in the […]

7 Smart Steps to Make This Your Best Year Ever

Smart Goal Setting, Goal Setting Tools, How to Make Resolutions That Stick, How to Eat an Elephant, Goal Setting for Business, Goal Setting Expert, Social Marketing for Business Speaker

Time Management