Smart Solutions: 5 Simple Secrets to Being Whole and Happy in Your Business

  1. Linda Ursin says:

    I’ll admit I’m the one you talked to 🙂 I’ve taken several steps to merge everything to make it fit me (the multi-creative heathen witch coach and artist) I’ll continue turning it in the right direction. Thanks for the kick in the rear Melissa 🙂

    • Melissa Galt says:


      You are more than welcome. I’m glad you didn’t mind my sharing anonymously. You are wildly gifted and simply want to see you leverage YOU and not get buried behind some other personality that “seems” like it might be more successful, it won’t be. YOU are all that is needed.

      Hugs, Melissa

      • Linda Ursin says:

        I don’t mind being shared at all 🙂 I’m very transparent in everything I do. Thank you 🙂 I’m still working on getting it right, but I’d like to think I’m being more authentic now (made some changes).

  2. Nanette Saylor says:

    So well said, Melissa. As soon as I read “found no less than 36 different introductions” I knew exactly where you were going with this, because I have them, too! And, like you, I’ve been focusing my energy and attention and the results are so positive. What felt limiting at first is now truly expansive. Wishing you well– Nanette

    • Melissa Galt says:


      Always good to know I am in such talented company! I’ve no doubt your results are through the roof.

      Hugs, Melissa

  3. Great way to start my day before I head off to our store. I always believe in “Do what you love to do the best you can do.” I am so looking forward to this years Solutions Convention. So glad Mohawk added you to our team . Looking forward to my new journey on their advisory council.

    • Melissa Galt says:


      Delighted to hear from you and it has been a treat to work with Mohawk. You said it well. “Do what you love to do the best you can do.” See you at convention!

      Hugs, Melissa

  4. Kenny Zail says:

    Super Message!!! Melissa you nailed it. I think many have been in that situation, I know I was for 5 years. Everyone is bombarded with so many teleseminars, emails, books, and opinions. It can be so confusing and daunting a task to know who you really are and what is your unique ability and skill. It reminds of the “diamonds in your own backyard” story. If it’s simple and natural, it can’t be valuable. Keep up the good work, Melissa. I never miss one of your emails and videos.

    • Melissa Galt says:

      Thanks Kenny!

      I’m honored as I know well the onslaught of “expert” ezines you are subject too. And the most difficult part about confusion is that a confused mind say NO, so staying stuck in confusion is not an option. Time to say YES!


  5. Raven says:

    Hey Melissa. As usual you are right on! I admire the way you deliver great content every day. It is an art and you are a master. I so appreictae what you do and I am continually inspired. Big hug!

  6. @SantaDearest says:

    Always insightful, helpful and encouraging. Thank you Melissa.

  7. Truly Magical Melissa!

    You said it so well and with such conviction and passion.
    I can tell, this post will help so many people to take a deep breath and say. “Oh, it’s all OK, I can really be myself in my business”!

    Thanks for helping others keep from getting sidetracked. We all have that tendency in business.

    I LOVE that you stated to have ONE specialty, but that it’s ok to have up to three markets in that specialty. That should take care of any need we may have for a little spice and variety, lol. I think peeps sometimes confuse specialty with market.

    Great instruction Melissa!

    BEAUTIFUL, like you!

    Love and hugs,


  8. Melissa Galt says:

    Thanks Margo,

    That means a lot from you! Being yourself is what it’s all about you do it well :).

    Huge Hugs,

  9. Mara Maddox says:

    Thanks for sharing this…this is great advice yet hard to accept. I want to “chase the money” too & think that I get stuck in being a creature of habit instead of doing things differently! I so look forward to sharing a success story with you!

    • Melissa Galt says:

      Glad to hear it hit the mark for you Mara! Look forward to hearing the success story :). Hugs, Melissa

  10. Lynn Spiro says:


    Loved your message; could easily see myself in your story. I also agree with the comment about being bombarded with webinar, seminar and tons of various information where you can easily get distracted. I have cultivated my inbox now to only allow those that give advice I have learned to trust and developed some realtionship or find valuable; quality over quantity! I said NO to a lot of people and things that just didn’t grow my business or myself. Seems to be working well for me.

    Thank you.
    Lynn Spiro

  11. Melissa Galt says:

    Thanks Lynn,
    Sounds like you have a great handle on your email box and have filtered out the junk and only getting the best! You are setting a great example and walking the talk 😉

    Hugs, Melissa

  12. Kim says:

    I was at one time afraid what people may think what I have to say and so I hid my light. I then later realized the biggest block buster for women like me was self worth. When you were abandoned as a child you would think if you were so loveable why did you parent leave you? There could be millions reason to 1 why a parent left me and it absolutely had nothing to do with me. They had their own agenda and I was just happen to be in the cross fire. So here I am – having chase always the real love and intimacy in my entire life to finally say to myself “I am worthy of true love” and met a man who is worthy of my true love. Success has eluded me as well as I was self sabotaged but the end has finally arrived and I can be myself proud and all of any achievements however smalls.

    A small words to my women’s friends – never underestimate the value of self worth. If you find that you run always from the people who love you or you experience intense jealousies – you may have been a victim of abandonment- Go inside and realize how magnificent you really are. Let your light shine!

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