Self care for interior designers has become an increasing hot topic with the unique challenges of the pandemic and the demand for design soaring. The bottom line is that if you don’t care of yourself, you won’t be available to take care of your clients, your business, your family and your friends. Here are seven […]

Self Care for Interior Designers: Avoid Burnout

Sleep is an essential element in Self Care for Interior Designers.

Interior design burnout is a real thing. And in case you’ve been fortunate enough to escape it so far, here are the five primary big ass business challenges that cause burnout. My goal is to help you identify these inside your design practice […]

Interior Design Burnout: 5 Big Ass Causes to Avoid Burnout & How to Identify Them and to Heal from It

Interior design burnout will leave you feeling anxious and lacking inspiration.

Life/Work Balance

Confidence is inside of each of us, and it’s a lot like a muscle. You have to build it up with consistent exercise, or risk it getting weak. If you’re finding yourself with a lack of interior design confidence around getting great clients, delivering excellent design solutions and service, and being well compensated, there is […]

3 Ways to Boost Your Interior Design Confidence

Boost Your Interior Design Confidence

Do you ever find that you lose track of your most purposeful priorities in the crush of day to day operations? As I headed up to Highlands over Labor Day I was thinking of one of my neighbors who had just lost one of their pets. They have a pair of Wheaton terriers, Zooey and […]

Purposeful Priorities Learned from Loss

Purposeful Priorities, The Aligned Life, The Well Designed Life

Life/Work Balance

In a recent survey I took, one of the greatest challenges facing solopreneurs and home based CEOs these days is the isolation that can come with working from home and doing a lot of that work by phone or online. While you have the convenience of working in your pajamas, you also face the loneliness […]

The Entrepreneur’s Journey: 7 Surefire Ways to Beat Loneliness in Business

Loneliness in Business, Entrepreneurial Isolation, Creating Connection in Business, How to Connect in Business, How to Beat Loneliness, How to Conquer Isolation, Beating Depression in Business

I am embarrassed to confess that I have a multiple personality disorder. I didn’t realize it until I went searching for an introduction for an upcoming event and found no less than 36 different introductions on file over the past decade. OMG, I am one person, not 36. Even if I’d updated annually with new […]

Smart Solutions: 5 Simple Secrets to Being Whole and Happy in Your Business

Life/Work Balance

Make it a point to establish an exercise routine that works for you. A short regular fitness routine that you do every day , or every other day, energizes you and renews your commitment to yourself.

Do You Have a Daily Exercise Routine?

Stop spending your work day rushing from crisis to crisis and struggling to create a long range plan! Here are five steps that you can take quickly and comfortably to design your own business and life success.

5 Simple Steps to Creating a Business of Impact & a Life of Vision

Melissa Galt Prosper By Design Success Business

Life/Work Balance

This week has been a real lesson in complexity and how crazy our lives have become.  Having moved into a new apartment recently (okay over a month now) I decided I’d like to have a TV (imagine that.) But remember, this isn’t the Good Old Days where you would go buy an electronic box, get […]

K.I.S.S. I Wish: Life is Complicated, I am not.

Life/Work Balance