When your client is not responding to you it can be frustrating, and make you anxious and prone to bouts of overthinking. Design is your top priority; it’s your livelihood and your passion. And yet, it’s only one of a million priorities that your client has. Our clients lead busy lives and it’s important not […]

What to Do When Your Client Is Not Responding to You

When your client is not responding to you, they may be overwhelmed at work.

So you want to see an increase at your bottom line but (and it’s a biggie) your frugality is killing your design profits. You’re not willing to invest what is necessary in your interior design business to get better clients, bigger projects, and more rewarding work. That sucks. Here are 5 ways frugality is killing […]

5 Ways Frugality is Killing Your Design Profits

Are you counting your pennies instead of your profits?

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Self care for interior designers has become an increasing hot topic with the unique challenges of the pandemic and the demand for design soaring. The bottom line is that if you don’t care of yourself, you won’t be available to take care of your clients, your business, your family and your friends. Here are seven […]

Self Care for Interior Designers: Avoid Burnout

Sleep is an essential element in Self Care for Interior Designers.

Your interior design business mindset will determine your success or struggle. The great news is that you can change it! See how here…


Create a growth business mindset to achieve your big goals.

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Interior design burnout is a real thing. And in case you’ve been fortunate enough to escape it so far, here are the five primary big ass business challenges that cause burnout. My goal is to help you identify these inside your design practice […]

Interior Design Burnout: 5 Big Ass Causes to Avoid Burnout & How to Identify Them and to Heal from It

Interior design burnout will leave you feeling anxious and lacking inspiration.

Confidence is inside of each of us, and it’s a lot like a muscle. You have to build it up with consistent exercise, or risk it getting weak. If you’re finding yourself with a lack of interior design confidence around getting great clients, delivering excellent design solutions and service, and being well compensated, there is […]

3 Ways to Boost Your Interior Design Confidence

Boost Your Interior Design Confidence

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Nothing is more important than your interior design business growth. You’ve got to invest your time in the tasks and actions, in your practice, that will deliver the greatest impact. There are 7 deadly distractions that plague interior designers whether just starting out or established for 10-20 years. Read the list here and see if […]

7 Deadly Distractions Stopping Your Interior Design Business Growth

Outsourcing is the answer to ditching deadly distractions when you want to grow your interior design practice.

Do you struggle getting organized? If you do, you’re not alone. I’ve worked with many clients who struggled staying organized. I’ll never forget visiting a client for the second time, years ago. It had been six months since our first visit and at the time I’d reviewed all of her samples and provided guidance and […]

Getting Organized: Are You a Sample Hoarder?

Tips On Getting Organized: Stop Hoarding Your Samples!

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Are you aware of how digital technology can give you multiple passive income streams? In today’s interior design world, savvy interior designers have extra revenue streams because one-on-one interior design is time intensive.  If you’re looking for red hot interior design revenue streams that can bring dollars in the door, you’ve reached the right place. […]

5 Red Hot Revenue Streams for Interior Design Pros

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It’s almost time for goal setting for the new year! The final quarter of the year has launched. What were the goals you set back in January? Are you on track? Did you back your goals up with quarterly plans, monthly action, weekly achievements, and daily tasks? It’s easy to dream big once a year […]

Goal Setting for Interior Designers in 7 Steps

One of the key steps in goal setting for interior designers is to write it down to make it happen!

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