Self care for interior designers has become an increasing hot topic with the unique challenges of the pandemic and the demand for design soaring. The bottom line is that if you don’t care of yourself, you won’t be available to take care of your clients, your business, your family and your friends. Here are seven […]

Self Care for Interior Designers: Avoid Burnout

Sleep is an essential element in Self Care for Interior Designers.

Your interior design business mindset will determine your success or struggle. The great news is that you can change it! See how here…


Create a growth business mindset to achieve your big goals.


Interior design burnout is a real thing. And in case you’ve been fortunate enough to escape it so far, here are the five primary big ass business challenges that cause burnout. My goal is to help you identify these inside your design practice […]

Interior Design Burnout: 5 Big Ass Causes to Avoid Burnout & How to Identify Them and to Heal from It

Interior design burnout will leave you feeling anxious and lacking inspiration.

Do you struggle getting organized? If you do, you’re not alone. I’ve worked with many clients who struggled staying organized. I’ll never forget visiting a client for the second time, years ago. It had been six months since our first visit and at the time I’d reviewed all of her samples and provided guidance and […]

Getting Organized: Are You a Sample Hoarder?

Tips On Getting Organized: Stop Hoarding Your Samples!


Fear is the only thing that is stopping you from getting exactly what you want and fear is something that is created inside of you. Whether you grapple with fear of failure or fear of success (much more common), fear of being poor or fear of being rich, fear of not having enough clients or […]

3 Fast Fixes to Turn Your Fear Into Fuel and Move Your Business Forward

Fix Your Fears, Fear of Success, Fear of Failure

When you were a kid, do you remember being scared of the dark? Do you remember needing a night light or asking to keep the door to your bedroom open so the hall light would help keep the dark monsters away? In my case, it was the clothes monster. My sister and I shared bunk […]

Overcome Your Fears and Find Your Freedom to Flourish

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Have you ever been in a networking meeting and after speaking with just a handful of attendees, you felt like yelling “stop being so small,play a bigger game!”  (Oops, is that just me?) It happened just the other day . . . It was frustrating because I was in a room filled with wildly well-educated […]

Mindset Mastery: Do You Want to Be Safe or Successful?

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I’ve not spoken to my father in over 20 years. Does that shock you? Does it make you feel sorry for me? (Please don’t.) Or, does it make you want to tell me to forgive and forget? Heck, you may even suggest (as some do) that I get in touch, it will make me feel […]

Mindset Changes: Lose Your Limiting Beliefs, They Aren’t Yours Anyway!

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A problem is simply a label you have applied to something in your life. I am fond of correcting that word choice into “a solution waiting to happen.” In actuality, a problem is only created by the way you frame any given situation or event. When I was younger, I had a lot of problems […]

Take Action: 3 Steps to Ditching the Drama and Finding Your Sunny Side

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