So you want to see an increase at your bottom line but (and it’s a biggie) your frugality is killing your design profits. You’re not willing to invest what is necessary in your interior design business to get better clients, bigger projects, and more rewarding work. That sucks. Here are 5 ways frugality is killing […]

5 Ways Frugality is Killing Your Design Profits

Are you counting your pennies instead of your profits?

Whether you meet a potential interior design client online or offline, you want to schedule a discovery call. This is a structured conversation  that allows you to find out if they are truly a good fit and if their project is one that you want to take on. (You always have a choice!) The discovery […]

Interior Design Discovery Call that Wins Clients

How to Have a Successful Interior Design Discovery Call.

Developing Your Brand

This week’s challenge was brought to me by an experienced and talented event planner and, what I like to call, an outrageous brand impact coach. After all events are great ways to connect live with your clients and customers and have an outrageous brand impact! The Symptom: Tracy has worked for event planning companies and […]

Episode #2 How to Grow Your Confidence to Grow Your Business

Despite technological advances, business today is still, and will always be, about person to person, and relationships.  Whether you are connecting by voice to voice, face to face, or keyboard to keyboard, it’s about building trusted relationships that allow your business to deliver the goods and services your clients count on. While being authentic and […]

Small Business Development: 5 Key Questions to Experience Business Naked (not what you think)

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Developing Your Brand

I’m about to turn everything you know about business upside down. You’ve been taught that to make more, you’ve got to serve more clients, you have to climb on an endless treadmill of more, more, more. Stop. The marketing strategy I’m sharing here is the key to making more money with fewer better clients in […]

5 Questions to Uncover Your “Boutique” Brand Advantage: The Keys to a Business You Love

Your Ultimate Competitive Advantage

Are you on a shoestring budget for your business branding? Have you been trying to do a lot of it yourself and gotten stuck wondering what you have to have and what isn’t really necessary? Here is a quick primer on three branding and business elements you can let go of and still succeed wildly. […]

Branding Mistakes: 3 Ways You May Be Wasting Money on Your Brand

Developing Your Brand

Is your business real or imaginary? It’s an important question. Are you making excuses or making money? I experienced two conversations this week with coaches, both of whom, currently have imaginary businesses. One has named it and claimed it and is ready to move into a real business that makes real money and give up […]

Smart Solutions: Do You Have an Imaginary Business?

How NOT to be Human I know that the title sounds kind of silly, so let’s look at this for a minute. If you are anything like me, you are bombarded by internet marketing messages that are “personalized” for you but in fact are incredibly impersonal. I am even getting these now through LinkedIn from […]

Pull Back the Curtain: Does Your Market Know You are Human?

How to Be Human In Marketing, Marketing the Human Side, Humancentric Marketing, Putting the Human Back in Marketing

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When you’ve got a marketing message mismatch, you are a marketing meathead. I know sometimes my alliterative tendencies go to far, but I couldn’t resist this title. I couldn’t resist because I actually dated a guy a couple of years ago who repeatedly referred to himself as a meathead. Really? This was mismarketing to me. […]

3 Mistakes to Avoid Being a Marketing Meathead (with a Marketing Message Mismatch)

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Developing Your Brand