Instagram is a powerful and free (unless you decide to advertise) tool to grow your interior design practice. Whether you want more clients, to connect with editors of design publications you’d like to be featured in, to find new vendors, to become an influencer, or to collaborate with colleagues, it’s all possible and here are […]

7 Instagram Tips for Interior Designers

Instagram Highlights for Interior Designers

Interior design marketing can swallow you whole and leave you with less time for clients and creative design work than it takes to market. UGH! Stop trying to do it all and get super selective. Yes, I know you’ve likely been told on a webinar, read in a blog post, seen in a video, or […]

Interior Design Marketing: Instead of Doing Everything, Do This

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Social Media Marketing

Conversational copy sounds like a mouthful and it’s actually a very simple concept. Instead of torturing yourself and your reader with a lot of industry jargon and pointless drivel, you simply have a conversation on paper. Too often when I’m checking out a designer’s site, it reads like either a term paper or a formal […]

Conversational Copy: Creating Personal Connection in Every Post

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Whether you’re a seasoned social media user or just taking baby steps in your business, one of the biggest challenges you have is social media overwhelm. Here are 5 rock solid steps to keep you out of social media overwhelm and have you reap the benefits of strategic social media. #1 Don’t Be Everywhere It’s […]

Social Media Overwhelm: 5 Simple Steps to Stop It

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Social Media Marketing

While I’ve always said it’s not about how many followers you have, it’s about how hot they are, the challenge is that people are unreasonably impressed by larger followings and they forget it is a meaningless metric. A large following can be gained for a price and can be entirely hollow made up of bots […]

How to Grow Your Instagram Following

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When you’re taking time off for the holidays, you can boost your interior design social media. In fact, what social media thrives on isn’t just pretty interior images, they also want to see you. Leverage the hashtag #interiordesignerslife along with other selected tags to build your brand across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, even while you’re […]

Boost Your Interior Design Social Media at the Holidays

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With over 300 million registered users, and 33% of the professional workforce on LinkedIn, it is the network of choice for B2B success. The average age of a LinkedIn user is over 35, and there are more graduate degrees and six figure earners on LinkedIn than any other network. It is the place where business […]

10 Top Tips to Boost Your Visibility on LinkedIn

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One of the things I’ve noticed is that when I’m in conversation with a female business owner, the questions and challenges that come up are often the same. “Melissa, I know I need to do video, but I don’t know how to use youtube.” “Melissa, I’ve got a VA doing my Facebook and Twitter because […]

Small Business Marketing: What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do

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Speaking with a client the other day, I was caught off guard when he proudly stated that he’d completed a dozen blog posts to launch his blog, and had sent them off to his VA for posting late night. Waaaiiiitt!! There is so much more to this than just writing and posting. Where is the […]

Blogging Checklist: What to Do Before You Write Content, Before You Post Content

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