Client Attraction: 7 Sexy Stages to Client Courtship

A great business relationship is a lot like dating. If you are good at dating and courting, it is likely you are going to be good in business. You understand the nuances of client attraction (lead generation), how to warm them up, how to ensure they are qualified (you wouldn’t just date anyone, now would you), and how to follow up so that you can ultimately capture your prospect for a lifetime of business happily ever after.

Lead Generation for Coaches and Consultants, Client Attraction for Coaches, Client Courtship
Do you know how to court your prospect into becoming your client?

If you haven’t been dating in a long time, forgot how to court, or are simply struggling with client attraction and follow up, implement the 7 stages here for guaranteed success in the bedroom of business!

#1 The Lead In…
You’ve got to attract them, just like a date. You’ve got to create an irresistible opt-in (lead capture) so they’ll give you their name and email (and better yet, their phone number) so you can start the courtship process. You can also attract them offline at live networking events, conferences, expos and more, you still need an irresistible promise in your conversation starter (skip the elevator pitch.)

#2 The Warm Up…
Once they opt-in, you have to warm them up before asking for the first date. You can do this by email, text, video, phone and social media. But this is the start of your campaign for the first date. This is where you share great content, tips, tools, resources, delivering value in advance of a possible engagement.

#3 The Qualifier…
In this process, you need to have a qualifier to ensure they are of the quality that you even want to date (and do business with.) Without that you are likely to experience getting stood up. You know what that’s like, when you’ve scheduled a strategy or discovery session and the prospect is a no show, or flakes out at the last minute, UGH.

Your qualifier can be in the form of an assessment, an audit, a quiz, a questionnaire, an application but must be automatically delivered. It is your “golden door” and you are the gold on the other side of the that door.

#4 The First Date…
This is the phase in which you let them do the talking. You are there to find out if and how you can best serve their success. Asking the right questions and listening deeply for not just the surface answers but the core issues is key. You are in charge of this process, you establish control and let them know upfront that you may interrupt only to keep them on path and out of the rabbit hole of their own story (which is inevitably a big piece of what’s holding them back.)

In this process you want to focus on and emphasize the gap they have between where they are and where they want to be. Be sure to get as much details as possible and paint a picture of both and what it is costing them to stay where they are. (This works in wellness and health, financially, relationship, business, and any other topic. There is always a gap or they wouldn’t need you.)

#5 The Follow Up…
You reiterate their issues and position yourself as the key with the solution that they both want and need. You have the strategies, the experience, the expertise to help them close their gap. You review details and schedule the second date to continue exploring their need and showing them how engaging you will marry them to the best solution. The follow up is the official launch of the new relationship (never close, every new client is a new beginning, the opening of a new relationship.)

#6 The Second Date…
This is where that first kiss happens, so to speak. They come on board with you and they invest in themselves and your solution. Intake is completed, you reinforce the wisdom of their decision and make them feel like the most important person in the world (yes, this is business and this concept still holds true.) If you fail to do this, they will go into immediate buyer’s remorse and may fall off or back out in the first week.

#7 Happily Ever After…
In the first 30 days of working together, you want to capture their recommendation (testimonial). This is when they are still in the honeymoon phase and the bloom hasn’t worn off. Once they have some tangible results from your work, you want to ask for referrals. If they engaged you only in a short term, you want to look for ways to increase your value and explore opportunities for a next step. Perhaps a group coaching leads to private coaching or private consulting yields to long term membership in an exclusive mastermind that you lead.

If you miss any one of the stages here you will find your courtship derailed and the potential client likely lost. Each stage builds on the one before and all are essential to that profitable place of “happily ever after.”

5 Extremely Exciting Ways You’ll Grow Your Impact with More Income

Lead Generation, Earn More Money, Have a Bigger Impact Are you one of those talented professional service providers who gives yourself and your gifts away because you love what you do so very much that you’d do it for free? Are you struggling with the delusion that everyone deserves your help and that you’ll make the world a better place by accepting less compensation and trying to serve everyone, instead of stepping up to work exclusively with the best and claiming what you deserve?

Have you (accidentally) lived that mantra of “will work for food?”

I’ve done my share of free coaching (over lunch) and free designing (over a cocktail), and while it may have come from an altruistic place, it really didn’t do anyone any favors. Free has no value. And when you discount your services, it impairs the value.

It is only when you are willing to step up and claim your true and full value that you will earn what you deserve and be able to make the biggest difference. The more you charge, the greater the action the client will take. More money means a higher level of commitment on their part (and yours.)

When you earn more money you will create a much greater impact in your own life and that of others. When you earn extreme income, you release all limitations, and step into a place of intentional possibility.

#1 Give to Your Favorite Charities and Causes (yes, that is plural, the more you make, the more you can give away.)

#2 Live Rich and Raise the Standard for Those Around You (Earning less than you desire or deserve isn’t a positive. Poverty is a pattern in both thinking and living and when you break the pattern for yourself, you will show others how to do the same. Poverty consciousness happens whenever you think you don’t deserve more whether that is at $50K, $150K, $500K, or $5M, limits are always available if you choose them.)

#3 Build a Foundation. (It doesn’t have to be as big as The Gates Foundation, though the impact Gates has had is extraordinary. How big will your impact be?)

#4 Generate Jobs & Grow the Economy. (The more you have to spend on goods and services the greater contribution you are making to the business well being of others. You are actually helping keep and create jobs and generate economic growth. It is also likely that you will directly generate jobs by the people you employ both in your business and in your home life.)

#5 Enjoy Extraordinary Experiences (Experiencing other cultures, customs, and countries broadens your world view and what you think is possible. Having the resources to embrace unique experiences and once-in-a-lifetime events will continue to grow you as a person, as a professional, and as a global contributor to the greater good.)

I’ve got a new brand mission coming your way.

Exclusive Clients, Extreme Income, Extraordinary Life

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Lead Generation: 5 Hurdles to Getting Hired by Your Ideal Client

Business is about creating an indelible sensory connection with your exclusive clients. They need to be able to see you, hear you, feel you, taste you, and smell you above and beyond the many competitors who do something like what you do, but not exactly what you do (no one can be an exact copy.)

How to Generate More Leads, Lead Generation Strategy, Get More Clients
Looking for Your Ideal Client

Here are 5 SENSORY Reasons You Aren’t Getting Hired by Your Ideal Client….and How to Remedy Them

#1 They can’t see you above the competition because you haven’t been clear who you serve.
Define and identify, once and for all, your ideal client profile. Be willing to narrow your focus in order to stand out. When you serve an audience of “everyone who” or “anyone who” you are serving a poverty population not a profitable target market.

(Oh, and one more thing, your market is made up of people, so please don’t refer to them as your list or database, instead humanize them by referring to them as your community or tribe.)

#2 They can’t hear you above the competition because you aren’t sharing your core message, the message that they particularly will connect with.
Be willing to put a stake in the ground and declare your core values and your core message. Risk being controversial because it’s how you stand out. If you spout the same rhetoric as everyone else, you blend into the background.

Are you going to be a wallflower or will you take the lead in the conversation, connect with your authentic message and share your unique story. No one else can claim your story, it is a one-of-a-kind combination of your education, experience, expertise, history, hobbies, interests, and personality.

#3 They can’t feel you above the competition because you haven’t put your true heart into your business and you aren’t operating with real passion.
When you operate from a place of inherent enthusiasm and passion for your work, for your message, for your mission, people can feel it. You become magnetic in your excitement and your ideal clients will find you irresistible.

If instead, you are simply taking up space and playing small by following the flock, you are likely to end of a lamb chop. You’ve got to lead yourself with your passion before you lead others. When you aren’t lit up from the inside out about what you are offering, how can you expect clients to be interested in working with you?

#4 They can’t taste you above the competition because you aren’t consistently delivering morsels of your magnificence for them to consume and decide they want more.

So you jumped on social media and immediately found yourself overwhelmed. You get a blog post out every so often, your ezine is released on sporadic basis, you tweet once a week, Facebook a couple more times, and you don’t really understand how to use LinkedIn.

Random action gets random results, strategic action gets successful results. It’s a choice you are making. It is noisy in the market place, to stand out you need to provide consistent and persistent branded excellence including content that shares your message, your story, your strategies, and your value.

#5 They can’t smell you above the competition because you are committed to smelling like the flavor of the day, the scent of the month, and you haven’t uncovered your irresistible scent of attraction.
This is not a literal statement. It is about the fact that if you were to insert a competitors name on your website, in your signature file, on your LinkedIn profile, chances are good that your brand is generic enough that no one would notice.

It seems few professionals are willing to make their mark, claim their scent, and truly stand out these days. You are playing it safe and that is guaranteeing that you are overlooked, dismissed, and ultimately discounted. You deserve far better.

I’ve got a new brand mission coming your way.

Exclusive Clients, Extreme Income, Extraordinary Life

I designed it to envelope your senses, and show you how to specifically work with your exclusive clients.

Exclusive clients are those who are ready to work only with you. They want the mojo that only you have are willing to invest in themselves by investing in your services, programs, and talents to make the change they are looking for.

I want you to look twice, listen closely, feel deeply, savor the flavor, and inhale the aroma of passionate intuition to see into your greatness. I’m here to hold that space of transformation while you take the quantum leap to fully realize the magnificence in your mission, your message, and your magnetism.

Coming to your business soon…

How to Craft Your Pitch Perfect Elevator Pitch in Just 30 Seconds

Elevator Pitch Formula, Elevator Pitch Tips, The Perfect Elevator Pitch
Be Prepared to Pitch Perfectly Wherever You Are

If you are like a lot of business owners, you  struggle with creating a truly engaging and effective elevator pitch. As you move around the room at a lunch or networking event, do you find yourself tuning out because everyone sounds the same no matter what their business is? Check out the formula I describe here as I experienced it at a recent event and it is the only pitch that stood out among 50 attendees.  In fact, it didn’t sound like a pitch but instead like an expert ready to help you, how refreshing!

You probably know the old school formula “I work with NAME YOUR TARGET MARKET, with NAME THE PROBLEM THEY HAVE, and I solve it with NAME YOUR PROCESS.” In fact, the approach for your elevator pitch that I’m sharing here is far more engaging and actually provides a 30 second self assessment so you know quickly if you want to explore this business owner’s services or not.

A female business owner stood up and asked us the question:
“If someone were to go to your closet right now and pull anything out of the closet, would you a)like it enough to wear it, b)know what to wear it with, c)would it fit?”

We all pictured ourselves in front of our closet and ran through her questions mentally. (This really got us all feeling the challenge of a potentially disorganized closet, keeping clothes that don’t fit or are out of date, and knowing we have too many that we don’t know how to wear well.)

Then she said if your answer is less than 80% for all questions, we need to have a conversation, my name is Julie Smith and I’m an image consultant who shows women how to look their best and claim their confidence.

She did all of this in just 30 SECONDS!

Now, you do not need to be an image consultant to make this work. You could apply this to insurance, financial advisory services, accounting, interior design, business coaching, marketing and a lot more.

Asking a question is key because scientifically, we as humans are predisposed to want the answer so we’ll either figure it out or listen more closely to get it.

What can you ASK that will get a potential client focused and suddenly realizing they need you?

The Perfect Elevator Pitch, Elevator Pitch TipsThe beauty of this approach is that if you were a fit for Julie, you knew it in just 30 seconds, if not, you knew that too and wouldn’t waste her time or yours.

Imagine not having your time wasted by poor fits?

One of the reasons you may get frustrated by not having enough leads is a lack of the right leads, and what Julie did, totally simplified that.

Your “elevator pitch” (and personally I am not a fan of that language, I prefer “conversation starter”) is ideally a way for those who hear it to make a quick decision about whether your services are a possible fit and worth a conversation or not.

We are in the age of client choice and seller beware, instead of where we used to be with “caveat emptor” (buyer beware.) Every communication with your market needs to educate and invite them to explore doing business with you.

Questions educate. Questions create an opportunity to assess the fit. The right questions will build your business.

Can’t wait to hear how you leverage this fresh approach!

Stop Doing TOO Much: The ONLY 3 Activities You Need to Get More Business

How to Stop Marketing Madness, How to Stop Social Media Overwhelm, How to Get More Clients
Marketing Madness

Are you one of those business owners that likes to brag about how busy you are?

Do you get a kind of insane sense of satisfaction by being on a hamster wheel of business activities none of which you’ve proven to be effective?

Well, if you enjoy that, then DO NOT read any farther. On the other hand, if you’d like to step out of overwhelm, come back from the edge of stretched too thin and move into a place of powerful, effective, and income producing, KEEP READING.

Everything you do in business needs to be focused on just one goal.


Notice I didn’t say just clients, I said “ideal.” So, yes, you do have to do the work to determine who your ideal clients are and focus your marketing efforts specifically on them instead of on everyone.

Now that we’ve established your goal, there are only three steps you need to take to grow your business that will all lead to you having more income, more impact, and more fun in your business.

Step 1: Connect to Your Ideal Clients
Yes, there are a million and one ways to do that, but you only need to find and implement the ways that work for you. Is it online or offline? By email, by phone, by text, by blog post, by snail mail?

Every day in your business, you want to connect with 1-10+ potential ideal clients. If you aren’t doing this every day, you aren’t moving the needle forward on your business growth. Instead, you are spinning your wheels, caught in the trap of busy and not productive. (Random social media activities are not connecting you specifically, so please give those up.)

Step 2: Care About Your Ideal Clients
Treat your prospects as if they were already your clients. How are you building a relationship with them? How are you providing value to them before they even pay you for your gifts?

This is about relationship building and moving them to a place where they truly KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST you (KLT factor) and they understand clearly the value you bring and if your style, experience, and expertise are the right fit for them. You can do this by email, by phone, by text, by webinar, by teleseminar, by speaking at an event, by hosting 1:1 or group discovery sessions.

Every day in your business, you want to show that you care with selected potential ideal clients. If you aren’t doing this every day, you aren’t moving the needle forward on your business growth. Instead, you are spinning your wheels, caught in the trap of busy and not productive.

Step 3: Cash In with Your Ideal Clients
When you have genuinely connected and truly care and have formed a strong relationship of KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST, you need to invite your potential ideal clients to realize their potential by working with you. Whether you are a coach, a consultant, an interior designer, a real estate agent, or any other professional service provider, you have to make the ask.

When you fail to ask, you fail to move the needle forward on your business development, and worse, you leave your ideal client ripe for your competition to invite to a profitable relationship.

You may not make an ask every day but if you aren’t asking every week and are waiting for them to ask to work with you, you are missing the boat. (Exception to this is if you are used to working with high ticket clients of over $50K/commitment, and you only want 5-10 clients a year, your KLT factor may take longer to build and your asks will happen less frequently.)

Please stop your MARKETING MADNESS, it is making you crazy, cranky, and costing you clients and cash. Get strategic.

Reread the three steps here and ask yourself if you are taking these steps daily, weekly, and monthly. If not, WHY NOT?

Success doesn’t have to be complicated, it doesn’t have to take a ton of time, but it will when you aren’t focused and stuck spinning your wheels. I regularly REDUCE the work my clients are doing in favor of RIGHT ACTIVITIES that we track with daily metrics and measurements to get RIGHT RESULTS and RICH REWARDS!

If you want to increase your bottom line with better clients with less effort a lot faster, go on and book a Boutique Brand Business Builder Session here,, and be sure to complete the short questionnaire that comes just after your confirmation so I get a preview of your business. In our 1:1 session you’ll get customized strategies to get better clients in less time while making more. Do this!